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Border crossing points: The fluoroscope equipment will be upgraded in Vaalimaa, Vainikkala and Imatra

Published 8.9.2020

The infrastructure of the Vaalimaa and Vainikkala border crossing points will be improved with the introduction of new fluoroscope equipment. Finnish Customs will improve the fluoroscope equipment for Vaalimaa road traffic and Vainikkala rail traffic and also acquire a new fluoroscope device for rail traffic at Imatra.

The total value of these equipment procurements will be approximately EUR 5.8 million, of which approximately EUR 1.7 million is covered by national funding and the rest is financed by the ENI-SEFR-CBC funding programme.

The fluoroscope equipment located at border crossing points enhances inspection activities and make them faster than traditional manual checks. For example, the goal at the Vainikkala and Imatra border crossing points is to x-ray all freight trains arriving and departing from the country.

‘The new equipment not only allows higher x-ray volumes but also offers better image quality. This can be compared to switching from analogue TV to HD, says Mikko Grönberg, Director of Customs Enforcement at Finnish Customs.

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