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The project search includes Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency's development projects and road projects that ELY Centres are responsible for. Ongoing projects are projects that have been issued an implementation decision. Not all ongoing projects are already under construction.

How the project search works:

  1. You can search for projects by phase (in planning, ongoing, completed), transport mode, region or a combination of all of the above.
  2. The search works in such a way that the search criteria are not mutually exclusive. An exception to this is the location criterion. If you have selected a region, the search will only show projects in the selected region.
  3. You can also search projects with a keyword query. For example, enter the name of the city or project that you are looking for in the search box.
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E8 Kolari-Kilpisjärvi

The project, Main Road 21 Kolari-Kilpisjärvi, comprises renovation of several road sections between Kolari and Kipisjärvi. The road section in Muonio is being equipped for use as a test road for intelligent transport systems.
Road project general Completed

City Rail Loop (Pisararata)

The City Rail Loop is a planned urban railway line for commuter trains under the Helsinki city centre. The loop-shaped railway starts in Pasila and runs in a tunnel via Töölö, Helsinki city centre, Hakaniemi and back to Pasila.
Railway project general In planning

Ring Rail Line

The Ring Rail Line provides an important public transport link between the main line and the Vantaankoski line, via the airport. The Ring Rail Line was opened in July 2015.
Railway project general Completed

Railway project Seinäjoki–Oulu

Railway project general Completed

West Metro Connections

The West Metro Connections project aims to make the Länsiväylä motorway better for residents and motorists in the area. Effective noise mitigation and a more comprehensive network of pedestrian and bicycle routes will improve the quality of life in the area. Good public transportation connections, smooth traffic flow and decreased traffic congestion benefit everyone.
Road project general Completed

E18 Hamina bypass

National highway 7 is part of European route 18 (E18), which interconnects the largest cities, harbours and airports of South Finland.
Road project general Completed

E18 Hamina-Vaalimaa

The E18 Hamina–Vaalimaa project comprises 32 kilometres of new motorway and the related road arrangements. The road section yet to be built is the final section of the E18 motorway, which will cross the country from Turku to the eastern border. The new road is to be built just north of the existing road, which will be parallel.
Road project general Completed


Road project general Completed

High-speed rail link between Helsinki and Turku

The train connection between Helsinki and Turku is of strategic importance in the Finnish transport system, and a fast train service would benefit a large number of people.
Railway project general In planning

Kokkola channel and port deepening

The project will have a great impact on the accessibility of the Kokkola channel and on the transport economy of the goods transported through the port. The deepening of the channel will improve the competitiveness of the Port of Kokkola and enable the largest vessels to load to their full capacity.
Waterway project general Completed

Additional western track in Pasila

A new track and station platform are under construction in Pasila. The new 1.5-kilometre track section will significantly improve train traffic on the main line.
Railway project general Completed

Helsinki Railway Yard

The Finnish Transport Agency’s project to improve the functionality and efficiency of Helsinki railway yard was part of the more extensive development of the railway network in southern Finland.
Railway project general Uusimaa Helsinki Completed

Lahti Southern Ring Road

Road project general Completed

Luumäki-Imatra railway project

Railway project general Ongoing
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