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Kolu Canal

Kymijoki River Basin 
Keitele-Iisvesi-Pielavesi route
Nautical chart: 452

Permitted vessel dimensions
70 x 7.5 x 2.4 x 5.5 [m]
(Length x width x draught x height)

Mooring: Moving bollards.
Difference in water level: 4.50 - 4.55 metres

The canal connects Nilakka and Rasvang. The 2100 m-long canal was built in 1892-95, and renewed in 1973-76. The clearance for the fixed bridge that crosses the canal is 5.5 metres.

Self-service lock. When approaching from below, the self-service stater cord and instructions for its use are on the right side, when approaching from above, these are on the upper canal’s pier to the right.

Please note: Drive into the lock under the rising gate.

Contact information for the canal

GSM 0400-152,904

Self-service canal.

Opening hours 2024

Note. Exceptions to opening hours above the channel page.

May: at 7–21
June: at 7–24
July: at 7–24
August: at 7–24
September: at 7–18
October: closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, open on other days 7–17