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FTIA is responsible for the state transport network

FTIA is an expert agency of about 480 people, concentrating on planning, developing, and maintaining road, rail, and maritime transport infrastructure and the coordination of transport and land-use. In addition, it is also responsible for arranging traffic control and winter navigation.

FTIA will operate in the planning of transport systems as the primary partner of regional councils, municipalities, urban regions, and other players.

Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency deals with the service level of transport, thus promoting well-being in Finnish society and Finnish business competitiveness. FTIA's task is to respond efficiently and responsibly to customer needs arising from changes in transportation and to produce a growth platform for society in the form of a functional and safe infrastructure. In addition, we do our part to promote development and responsible construction in the infrastructure field.

FTIA operates within the administrative purview of the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

Our job – by road, rail, and sea

  • Transport network planning
  • Developing transport routes
  • Maintaining the standard of service of transport routes
  • Coordinating transport and land use
  • Winter navigation
  • Organising traffic management

Cooperation across organisational boundaries

The division of tasks and interface with FTIA will be as follows:

On 1 January 2019, the traffic control tasks for road traffic, rail traffic, and maritime routes were incorporated into Fintraffic (previously Traffic Management Finland Group), a state-owned company with a special task. FTIA will order services for traffic control from the company.

Regional maintenance of roads will continue to be the responsibility of Finland's ELY Centres. FTIA will deal with the implementation of the national level of service. Daily road maintenance will be handled by contractors on based on competitive tenders.

Founded at the beginning of 2019, the Transport and Communications Agency Traficom will be responsible for transport licences, qualifications, supervision, and safety.