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Information about the website provides information about services provided by the Agency on various routes and offers customers different information services.

Content of the website

This is a website maintained by the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency, and the Agency is responsible for the content on the site. This website also includes links to sites of other service providers, organisations and communities.

Transport Network

This section describes the network of routes for which the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency is responsible and the kind of traffic system this comprises. There is also basic information about the maintenance and safety of the route network, by type of transport infrastructure. Here, we also report on the management of the Agency's environmental affairs and public transport, for instance.


This section showcases the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency's projects that are in the design phase and under construction, as well as reports that have been completed. The section also provides information about the progress of design and planning, and about the opportunities citizens have to make an impact.

Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency

The section titled 'Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency' describes the Agency's duties, organizational structure and planning of operations and news. This is also where visitors can find contact details and the 'Frequently Asked Questions' section.

For Transport Professionals

The section 'For Transport Professionals' is designed for those who move on Finnish routes for a living. This section contains information about licences and subsidies, different guides and information materials and maritime traffic control, for instance. The section includes information aimed at service providers, i.e. procurement programmes, a list of instructions, contact details and data about information materials.


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The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency holds the copyright to this electronic publication. This copyright notwithstanding, printing and copying in accordance with the publication's purpose of use is permitted. However, copied texts, text segments or images, with the exception of minor text quotes, must not be used as part of other publications or sold to third parties without the express consent of the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency. Those who need material for research reports or other similar publications in this sector should contact the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency for an agreement on the citation of texts or images.

No publications of the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency may be transferred to the external websites of other organizations or enterprises.

Responsibility statement

The visibility and accuracy of observation data displayed on the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency's website are affected by factors related to weather and equipment, and the stability of operation of several electronic systems. Such data are not always accurate or complete. Observation data displayed are based on information available at the time of production of the site. Users should be aware that actual circumstances on the road or maritime network may differ from the information on this website.

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The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency collects general statistical data about the use of the site for developing its services. Such data include the number of site visitors, the popularity of the website, the sites from which users enter the service, and the most popular search words and browsers. Data items collected include, e.g. users' IP addresses, the time of day, sites used, browser type, operating system of the device, and screen resolution.

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Photographers of images used on the website: Jussi Helttunen, Eero Kokko, Jari Tikka, Otto Virtanen, Jetro Matilainen, Simo Toikkanen, Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency/archives.