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Invoicing addresses

Invoices to the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency shall primarily be sent as online invoices to the address:

The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency
Unit notified by the client or the name part of the EDI Code
PO Box 33

In order to ensure smooth handling of the invoice, please include the requested reference information on the invoice.

The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency receives e-invoices compliant with the European standard.

The FTIA’s terms of payment is 21 days.

Operator ID: E204503 (OpusCapita Solutions Oy)
Business ID: 1010547-1
VAT number: FI10105471

EDI Codes

0037101054710910      Director General’s subordinate functions

0037101054710920      Operations Management

0037101054710930      Projects

0037101054710940      Infrastructure Management

0037101054710950      Infrastructure Access and Information

0037101054710960      Transport Network Planning

0037101054710041      Railway Maintenance

0037101054710003      FTIA, Dexit Oy, District management - Tampere

0037101054710004      FTIA, Ramboll CM Oy, District management - Kouvola

0037101054710005      FTIA, Rejlers Oy, Railway Maintenance

0037101054710006      FTIA, Ramboll CM Oy, Espoo

0037101054710007      FTIA, Ramboll CM Oy, Investments - Kouvola

0037101054710008      FTIA, Ramboll CM Oy, Investments -Tampere

0037101054710009      FTIA, Investments - Oulu

0037101054710010      FTIA, Rejlers Oy, Investments

0037101054710011      FTIA, Welado Oy

0037101054710012      FTIA, Ramboll CM Oy, Oulu

0037101054710016      FTIA, HTJ Oy

0037101054710018      FTIA, Ramboll CM Oy, Seinäjoki

0037101054710021      FTIA, SWECO PM Oy

0037101054710022    Trafikledsverket, Arkos Oy

E-billing service provided by the government

If you do not yet have an e-billing system, you can use the Finnish Government’s e-billing service Handi to produce and send invoices.