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List of Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency's publications in English


5G in the activities of the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency - FTIA as a user and enabler of fast data connections

Arctic challenge project's final report - Road transport automation in snowy and icy conditions

Development of BIM process through knowledge management

Capacity and Punctuality in Railway Investment Socio-Economic Assessment

Railway Network Statement 2021


Arctic Ocean Railway Report

Bridge WIM Overview Report - Year 2013-2017

Challenges and variability in building software product families - Case railway energy settlement system

Lateral load capacity of road barrier piles

Rantatunneli - Value for money report

Äänekoski bioproducts mill's transport linkis - Railway project: Value for money report - Implementation stage

Finnish Railway Network Statement 2020


Safety assessment of the international sea area of the Gulf of Finland

Pile supported embankment slabs under railway track line - 3D FEM simulations on the effect of load models on the vertical stress levels exposed to slab structures
Research reports of the Finnish Transport Agency 28/2017

Finnish Railway Network Statement 2019


Quality requirements of road luminaires and lighting fixtures, 13 April 2016
The Finnish Transport Agency's guidelines

Road Transport Automation - Road Map and Action Plan 2016-2020
Research Reports of the Finnish Transport Agency 19eng/2016

Developing Design Process Management in BIM based Project involving Infrastructure and Construction Engineering
Thesis 4/2016

The development of a waterway project risk management framework
Thesis 13/2016

VIRVE Network Requirements for Hand Portable and Mobile Terminals
Guidelines of the Finnish Transport Agency 17/2016