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List of Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency's publications in English 2010-


Publications and research reports

Arctic challenge project's final report - Road transport automation in snowy and icy conditions

5G in the activities of the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency - FTIA as a user and enabler of fast data connections

Capacity and Punctuality in Railway Investment Socio-Economic Assessment

Finnish Railway Network Statement 2021


Development of BIM process through knowledge management


Publications and research reports

Arctic Ocean Railway Report

Bridge WIM Overview Report - Year 2013-2017

Lateral load capacity of road barrier piles

Rantatunneli - Value for money report

Äänekoski bioproducts mill's transport links - Railway project: Value for money report - Implementation stage

Finnish Railway Network Statement 2020


Challenges and variability in building software product families - Case railway energy settlement system


Publications and research reports

Safety assessment of the international sea area of the Gulf of Finland

Pile supported embankment slabs under railway track line - 3D FEM simulations on the effect of load models on the vertical stress levels exposed to slab structures

Finnish Railway Network Statement 2019



Quality requirements of road luminaires and lighting fixtures, 13 April 2016

Publications and research reports

Road Transport Automation - Road Map and Action Plan 2016-2020

VIRVE Network Requirements for Hand Portable and Mobile Terminals


Developing Design Process Management in BIM based Project involving Infrastructure and Construction Engineering

The development of a waterway project risk management framework