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Cookies are text files that a web browser saves on the user’s device. The website uses cookies that are necessary for the operation of the website as well as cookies for visitor tracking and quality control. In addition, we use the browser’s local storage to save identifiers. In this text, the word “cookies” also refers to these technologies.

Among their many functions, cookies enable maintaining a user’s preferences, such as their language settings, when the user moves from one page to another on the website. The strictly necessary cookies are only used to ensure the technical performance of the website, not for any other purposes. The website always uses a secure connection (https).

Visitor tracking and quality control cookies (non-essential cookies) help us develop the website and ensure its serviceability. We hope you also accept non-essential cookies. The data collected is not used for marketing and tracking data is not disclosed to third parties.
Service providers include the Government IT Centre Valtori and its partners.

Necessary cookies

A content management system cookie that stores information on whether cookies are allowed in a browser’s settings. The cookie expires after one year.

A content management system cookie that saves a user’s language settings to be used the next time the user returns to the website. The cookie expires after one year.

A content management system cookie that tracks a user’s activity on the website and provides the system with data about the number of active users on the website. The cookie expires when the session ends.

A content management system cookie that saves the time stamp of a user’s visit and ensures an uninterrupted session for the user. The cookie expires after one year.

Server environment cookies that improve the user experience by balancing the load of servers and ensuring uninterrupted sessions for users. The latter cookie ensures the correct functioning of the website with newest browser versions. The cookies expire after one week.

A website cookie that stores information on whether cookies are accepted or not on the browser. The cookie expires after one year.
Visitor tracking and quality control cookies
If the visitor accepts the use of cookies, the website’s visitor tracking collects general statistical information that is used in online service development and quality control. 

This information includes, for instance: 
•    the website from which the visitor arrived at the website
•    pages loaded
•    page loading time stamp
•    browser and operating system
•    the visitor’s internet service provider.

__cf_bm, _cfuvid, cf_clearance

Server environment cookies that are used to detect and prevent bot traffic, malware traffic, and attacks.

Visitor tracking

The purpose of visitor tracking is not to identify individual visitors and the visitors’ IP addresses are not saved as they are. The IP address is used to identify the organisation that registered the address and the geographical location. The location data is indicative: its accuracy is good at the country level and moderate at the regional and city/town level. 

A visitor tracking cookie that registers a unique identifier for each user. The cookie expires after two years.
A visitor tracking cookie that stores visit information for the duration of the session. The cookie expires when the session ends.
A visitor tracking cookie that combines visit information if the user leaves the website and then returns within half an hour. The cookie expires after 30 minutes.

Plug-ins and links to other services

Some pages use third-party applications to display content. These include YouTube videos embedded on pages, Flickr photo galleries (e.g. traffic signs and project images) and embedded social media content. When a page loads, these applications may store cookies in the user’s browser that transmit data about the loading and the address of the page to a third party. 
Links and share buttons that direct the user to social media services do not transmit visitor data to service providers if the links and the buttons are not used. 
The privacy statements of social media services contain information about the cookies used by the services.

•    Google and YouTube
•    Juicer
•    Flickr

Disabling cookies

The website has a cookie banner. When visiting the website, the visitor may choose to accept or reject non-essential cookies and plug-ins. If the visitor rejects the cookies, non-essential cookies or plug-ins will not be installed.
Visitors can change the choice they have made. 

Technical log data of the website and telecommunications

Technical log data is collected on the use of the website and the telecommunications connections used to access it. This data is necessary for the provision of the online service and for ensuring information security. The log data includes information that can be linked to an individual, such as the IP address and the time stamp. This log data is only used to enable the provision of the service via the telecommunications network and to investigate any disruptions and information security incidents.

Personal data processing related to the provision of the online service and ensuring information security is necessary for the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency to comply with its legal obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation.

The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency’s online services are provided by Valtori. Valtori’s partner Cloudflare Inc. utilises one per cent of the visitor log data to develop their service. This data is transferred to the United States for this purpose. The legal basis for the transfer of data is the Standard Contractual Clauses approved by the European Commission.