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Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency

Open data specialist

Minna Huovinen

  • +358 29 534 3215

Inquiries regarding GIS-data and service advice

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Inquiries regarding the open data service (AVA)

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Transport network data

Kuva järvimaisemasta, johon korostettu eri väylätietoja.

Where can I access the data?

Open data for road, railway, and waterway networks can be accessed through the Suomen Väylät -mapservice and via open APIs.

Using open APIs requires suitable software. Open APIs are also suitable for developers, who need FTIA's data as part of their own applications. Open API's are described more in detail on the Interfaces (API) -webpage

Data for transport network
  • Tievelho and Digiroad

    Road network data is maintained in FTIA's Tievelho system. Open road network data is sourced weekly from Tievelho, and the open data includes e.g. spatial data about the road network, assets, structures and verdicts.

    Digiroad on on the other hand is a national database that contains the geometry of the Finnish road and street network featured with the most important road attribute data. The Digiroad operator maintains their own webpage, where one can find lots of information regarding the Digiroad data.

    Road network and Digiroad data from whole Finland can be found from the open data platform for downloading datasets:
    Digiroad (Shapefile and GeoPackage-formats)
    Road network (shapefile) 

    More information regarding road network data can be found via the following links:
    Road adress system (in Finnish)

    Road traffic accidents

    FTIA gathers annual data on road traffic accidents based on information from the police and completes them with data from Statistics Finland.
    More information and download of the data (

    QGIS-library for traffic signs

    Finnish traffic signs are now published as an open QGIS-library (SVG vector format) in GitHub  (Note! BETA-version, documentation in Finnish only). The collection includes former traffic signs and the new ones from the new Road Traffic Act (1.6.2020) and a QGIS-script for visializations. Traffic signs are named by their unique code: more information can be found on FTIA's webpage for traffic signs.


    The source of open railway network data is FTIA's RAIDE system. The open data is updated weekly. Open railway network data includes e.g. spatial data about the railway network, superstructures, geotechnical assets, level crossings and electric railways.

    More information regarding railway network data can be found via the following links:

    Description of the data content for railway network data (in Finnish)

  • Haavi

    Data about waterways is maintained in FTIA's Haavi system. Open waterways data includes e.g. spatial data about waterways, prohibited and restricted areas in waterways and maritime safety equipment. Open data is updated weekly. web service aids winter navigation in the Baltic sea region. contains e.g. current ice charts and thickness charts, ice reports and forecasts, traffic restrictions and other useful information.
    Go to the –service

    More information on waterways and the data

    FTIA's webpage for waterways

    Description of the data for waterways (in Finnish only)