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Code of Conduct

The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency’s Code of Conduct outlines our best practices and ethical behaviour. The code is not legally binding, but recommends good practices to be followed in all our activities.

We strive to work in the best interest of society and our customers.

  • We have been assigned the tasks under our jurisdiction through statutes.
  • We perform our tasks expertly, promptly, impartially, fairly and efficiently.
  • We contribute our expertise for the benefit of society on transparent grounds.
  • We promote the goals set for us by democratically elected decision-makers.

We allocate the granted appropriations responsibly.

  • Our actions are thoroughly planned. Our decisions have been carefully considered and their impact assessed.
  • In all our resolutions and implementations, we strive to reach economically, socially and environmentally sustainable solutions.
  • By maintaining our expertise, and by developing our activities and our procedures, we strive to promote a well-functioning transport system that will continue to contribute to the welfare of society in the future.
  • In our work to develop the transport system, the best result for society is achieved through fruitful cooperation with various actors that consider alternative solutions together.

We value our expertise and our stakeholders.

  • We make sure that our expertise is visible in our solutions.
  • We consider our stakeholders' opinions when planning and implementing our work.
  • Through our interaction with citizens, our expertise is demonstrated, for example, by considering any potential opposing views, which can be voiced at public meetings regarding transport infrastructure projects.
  • We comply with our contracts and are loyal contract partners.
  • We actively report our activities and welcome any feedback on it.

We treat each other with respect, impartially and fairly.

  • Good cooperation is based on each individual's contributions.
  • We perform our own tasks, while taking our colleagues into account and sharing the workload.
  • We do not tolerate any form of discrimination, bullying or similar behaviours. We deal with problems, not by talking behind people's backs, but rather by quickly addressing the problems and together working to find a solution, with the aim of creating a good working atmosphere for each and every one.

We do not accept any form of corruption.

  • Our collaboration with stakeholders is important. Since the field of actors in the transport sector is rather restricted, we pay special attention to being impartial, especially in direct procurement and when setting selection criteria.
  • As a rule, we turn down gifts offered by service providers, but do accept minor gifts on special occasions, for example.

We operate proactively in an open and transparent way.

  • We openly disclose information regarding our projects and our collaboration with stakeholders.
  • Our official documents and open data is readily available to anyone.
  • There are no hidden motives behind our solutions.
  • We report any potential commitments well in advance.

Ethical values are tested every day in big and small ways.

  • We serve as each other's role models.
  • Our daily actions count: we greet each other equally, we do not cover up any mistakes, we check in and out properly, we form working groups with people of various opinions.
  • Through our own actions, we communicate that we expect the same ethical values from our stakeholders.
  • Everyone is responsible for acting ethically. The importance of ethical behaviour is regularly emphasised by the management.