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Walking and cycling routes

Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency and ELY Centres ensure that different traffic routes are operable throughout the year. ELY Centres are responsible for the maintenance of state-owned walking and cycling routes.

The total length of state-owned walking and cycling routes is about 6,000 kilometres in total. FTIA directs ELY Centres in the maintenance of walking and cycling routes.

Walking and cycling routes are paved annually as needed and as permitted by resources. However, the focus is mainly on repairs for these routes. Local ELY Centres order the paving contracts. Paving sites are displayed in a map service that is updated in the summer seasons when plans for paving contracts are specified. Go to the project map application.

In spring, roads are brushed clean from the sand and gravel used in winter. Walking and cycling routes are cleaned first as soon as the snow season ends. Read more about road maintenance during the summer.

Winter maintenance

Pedestrian and cycling routes are divided into three winter maintenance categories: K1, K2 and L. Read more about maintenance categories and their quality requirements.

One of the objectives of ploughing is to ensure that busy pedestrian and cycling routes do not momentarily have more than a few centimetres of snow. After snowfall, snow is ploughed within four hours. The maintenance level of pedestrian and cycling routes may be lower during night-time.

The aim of anti-skid measures is to ensure sufficient traction for pedestrian and cycling routes, and particularly for morning traffic. However, in demanding weather conditions, such as supercooled rain, safe mobility also requires considerable caution from pedestrians and cyclists.

Give feedback on maintenance

You can give feedback on the state-owned road network and its maintenance through the feedback channel. In addition to feedback, the service can be used to report problems or make suggestions related to state-owned routes. The service also displays feedback and notifications submitted by other users. Go to the feedback channel (Traffic Customer Service).

Municipalities are responsible for the maintenance of walking and cycling routes in the street network. In matters related to the street network, you can contact the customer service of your municipality or use the feedback channel. However, it can sometimes be difficult to know which road is whose responsibility, especially in urban areas or population centres.

If you are unsure, you can easily check the correct feedback recipient on the map. The map shows state-owned walking and cycling routes maintained by ELY Centres as well as the administrative class of different roads (state- or municipality-owned or private). You can find the map link and instructions for using the map on the Traffic Customer Service website (in Finnish).