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Joensuu Canal

Joensuu Canal Remote Operations Centre
The use of the canals (Joensuu, Kuurna and Kaltimo) and movable bridges (7) in the River Pielisjoki is controlled from the Joensuu Canal remote control centre.

The clearance in Pielisjoki from Pyhäselkä to Pielinen is 12.0 m, but at the Kaltimo Canal fixed bridge the clearance is 10.5 m.

The Joensuu Canal remote control centre listens to VHF channels 16 and 11. Calls related to the River Pielisjoki’s movable bridges and canals should be made on VHF channel 11 (or 16), for example the Kaltimo road bridge and a canal call, for example for Kuurna Canal.

River Pielisjoki Bridge Altitudes

Ylisoutaja 3.4 m, movable
Suvantosilta, 7.0 m, movable.
Kanavasilta, 2.5 m, movable
Sirkkala 3.0 m, movable
Rautatiesilta, 4.0 m, movable
Pekkalan maantiesilta, 12.0 m, fixed

Kuurnan kanavasilta, 1.8 m, movable

Kaltimon kanavasilta, 10.5 m, fixed
Kaltimon maantiesilta, 1.8 m, movable, fixed part 2.5 m
Uimasalmen road and railway bridge, 2.0, movable, fixed part 2,5 m
Ahvenisen maantiesilta, 12.0 m, fixed
Movable bridges are opened when necessary during the remote control centre’s opening hours. The opening of railway bridges is restricted by rail traffic.

The emergency number for the remote control centre and the opening hours of canals can be found under the heading: Opening hours on this page. Instructions and opening hours can be found on the information boards for canals and movable bridges.

Joensuu Canal

Vuoksi river basin 
Joensuu-Nurmes route
Nautical chart: R273

Permitted vessel dimensions
160.0 x 11.8 x 2.4 x 12.0 [m]
(Length x width x draught x height)
The 250 m-long canal was built in 1876-77, and renewed in 1971-73. The clearance for the movable bridge that crosses the canal is 2.5 metres.

Mooring: Bollards on the lock platform.
Services: Nearby guest harbours, city centre services.
Difference in water level 0.5 m

Use of the canal is controlled from the adjacent remote control centre. VHF call on channel 11 (or 16), Joensuu Canal.

Self-service access is possible through the canal if the canal bridge need not be opened. When approaching from below, steer your boat to the area between the bridge and the upper gate. The self-service starter cord is located on the right in the upper and lower channels in relation to the direction of travel. Instructions and opening hours are available on the information board,

Timber-floating lock, timber is floated downstream straight through the lock (the top and bottom gates are open simultaneously). Watch out for timber bundles. Follow the traffic lights and contact the operating personnel when you approach the lock during timber floating to get instructions on a safe waiting point.

Contact information for the canal

Tel +358 (0)295 34 4154, +358 (0)295 34 4155

Canals and movable bridges are controlled remotely from the Joensuu Canal remote control centre.

Opening hours summer 2024

Note. Exception to opening hours above the channel page. 

May: at 9–21 
June: at 9–24
July: at 9–24
August: at 9–24
September: at 9–18
October: closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, open on other days 9–17 Bookings no later than at 15.00 the previous business day.