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Map service for open data


Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency

Open data specialist

Minna Huovinen

  • +358 29 534 3215

Inquiries regarding GIS-data and service advice

[email protected]

Open source

FTIA's open source applications can be found on GitHub.

Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency's Open API's

FTIA aim to make use of open data as easy as possible. At this site users can find information on open API's and open source applications.

Download- and Viewing Service

Open data for road-, railway-, and waterway netwrok can be accessed through the Download- and Viewing Service.

In the download service one can view and download data through a map interface. The user can choose which data to download and from what area. After selecting the service sends an e-mail -link, where the user can download the dataset. Data is available in shapefile (.shp) -format.

An educative video on how to access open infrastructure data (in Finnish only)

Open WFS-services

FTIA's open WFS-service

Digiroad open WFS-service

INSPIRE Air Transport Network (downloadable in GML- and json -formats)

INSPIRE Railway Transport Network (downloadable in GML- and json -formats)

INSPIRE Road Transport Network (downloadable in GML- and json -formats)

INSPIRE Water Transport Network (downloadable in GML- and json -formats)

Open REST-services API's can be found here:

Use of API's require a suitable software, which can request the API-services of FTIA. In practice this can be done with a GIS-software or by developing an application.

Interfaces for other data collections (Projects, Network Statement, Data service)

Railway network:

Digiroad's TN-ITS interface:

FTIA maintain also a platform for sharing open data files that are of large size. Via the platform users can download as .zip-packages for example Road network and Digiroad data from the whole Finland:

Functional interfaces

Functional interfaces are services, which can be used as part of other softwares and applications.

Viitekehitysmuunnin (VKM)

Viitekehysmuunnin-service can be used to convert:

Coordinates to road address and street address
Road address to coordinates and street address
Road address to road address of another time
Road distance to their start and end point's coordinates


Other public services of FTIA can be viewed here: