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Open data news for Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency

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A podcast-series is being recorded on FTIA's data and services. The first episode considering GIS-data is now published and
can be streamed here (in Finnish only).

A QGIS-workspace for using open infrastructure data is published. The workspace can be found and downloaded via our
platform for downloading open data.Detta är en extern länkDetta är en extern länk

An educative video for using open infrastructure data is published and can be viewed on the page for open API

A deep study on the use of infrastructure data is going on. A survey for users is open from 18.1. to 22.2.2021 (in finnish only). Feel free to take part and effect the future of infrastructure data and their services.  You can access the survey via this link.


 28 new railway-related datasets are published: eg. regarding geotecnical objects, superstructures, services, administrative data and monitoring equipment. You can find them through the Download and viewing service and open API's.


Hydrophysical waters and Management restriction and regulation zones are published as INSPIRE-data through the Download and viewing service and open API's.


A new version of the Viitekehysmuunnin-service (VKM) is published. The old version will still be available for a while. More information in the open API's page.


Multi-track railway data is now available as open data for the whole Finland through the Download- and viewing service and open API's. 


Project and plan data are now available through the Download- and Viewing service and open API.


Data for public transportation ("Vallu järjestelmän linja-autoreitit") is not anymore available through the Download- and Viewing service. Traficom is nowadays responsible for the data and it can be found here:


The first open datasets from the database Ratko (Railway network) is published. Railway network signs, Level crossings and its sublayers Warning devices, Signs and Surfaces can be found from the Download- and Viewing service and FTIA's open APIs.


Finnish traffic signs are now published as an open QGIS-library (SVG vector format) in GitHubissa  (Note! BETA-versio, documentation in Finnish only). The collection include former traffic signs and the new ones of the new Road Traffic Act from 1.6.2020 and a QGIS-script for visializations. Traffic signs are named by their unique code: more information can be found on FTIA's webpage for traffic signs.


INSPIRE-datasets are now updated. Data for Transport Network can be found in the Download and Viewing Service and thorugh Interfaces. Data for channel sluices and restriction areas are under progress.


Field for the map layer Railway Level Crossing "HUOMAUTUS", "KANSILISAT" and "VARLAHUOM" in the Download and Viewing Service are emptied. Railway network data from Ratapurkki are no longer being
updated, but are still offered throught the Download and Viewing Service. Railway network data from Ratko are under progress. More information on the Raide-e -project, where a maintenance system for mastering railway data, called Ratko, is being developed. 


Webpage for FTIA's open data has been updated. The GIS-data -pages have been merged to the open data pages and the content of the sites have been gone through and translated to Swedish and English. Information regarding open API's can be found on the Interfaces (API) -page.


Nautical maps have moved to Traficom (Finnish Transport and Communication Agency).

The data can be found through the following services (Map service and open API):

Depth data can still be downloaded through the open data service of FTIA.

The services can also be found from the national map service called Paikkatietoikkuna and Metadata from Paikkatietohakemisto.

More information on Nautical Maps and its GIS-services can be found on Traficom's website:

Potential questions can be asked from: [email protected]