Organisation of the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency

The organisation of the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency (FTIA) is composed of five divisions and two functional areas that report directly to the Director General.

The divisions are: Transport Infrastructure Planning, Projects, Infrastructure Management, Route Operations and Information Services and Operations Management, Finance and Security. The divisions are further divided into departments and units.

The functional areas that report to the Director General are: Communications and Stakeholder Relations; Legal Services and Procurement; 

FTIA is headed by the Director General Kari Wihlman (LL.M)

FTIA Management Team:

  • Director, Operations Management, Finance and Safety Mirja Noukka (M.Sc. (Tech.))
  • Division Director, Transport Network Planning  Pekka Rajala (M.Sc. (Tech.))
  • Division Director, Projects  Pekka Petäjäniemi (M.Sc. (Tech.))
  • Division Director, Infrastructure Management Jukka Karjalainen (M.Sc. (Tech.))
  • Division Director, Infrastructure Access and Information Services  Juuso Kummala (M.Sc. (Tech.))
  • Director, Communications and Stakeholder Relations Anna Jokela (M.SSc)
  • Director, Administration and Legal Services Laura Kuistio (LL.M)
  • Director, Development Raimo Tapio (M.Sc. (Tech.))