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Konnus Canal

Vuoksi river basin
Varkaus-Kuopio route
Nautical chart: M232

Permitted vessel dimensions
160.0 x 12.2 x 4.35 x 24.5 [m]
(Length x width x draught x height)

Mooring: Your own ropes or keep in place using your engine.
Services: The area's old locks are sight-seeing destinations
Difference in water level 0.15 - 0.90 m

The canal connects Lakes Kallavesi and Unnukka. The 250 m-long canal was built in 1836-41, and renewed in 1865-68, 1917-19 and 1968-71. Two old canals are sightseeing destinations. The Saimaa deep-water channel lock, which is for freight traffic is controlled remotely from Taipale Canal.

Self-service for boaters. When approaching from below, the self-service starter cord instructions for its use are on the lower canal pier on the left, when approaching from above, these are on the upper canal’s pier on the right.

In the event of a disruption, you can contact the operating personnel by telephone or by means of an alarm switch in the lock. A timber floating canal, where boats cannot fit in the lock at the same time as floating timber. If necessary, fasten your boat to the waiting pier or the edges of the old lower canals.

Data from Konnus Flow Meter

Contact information for the canal

Tel. + 358 (0)295 34 4156 (Taipale Canal)

Self-service canal, available 24 hours.
Extended traffic season, Saimaa deep-water channel lock.
Remote access from Taipale Canal.

Opening hours 2024

Note. Exceptions to opening hours above the channel page.

May: at 7–21
June: at 7–24
July: at 7–24
August: at 7–24
September: at 7–18
October: closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, open on other days 7–17