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Organising events at railway stations and platform areas

Planning for an event or campaign at a railway station, in an underpass or the platform area? On this page, we tell you how to apply for a permit.

What should you do if you want to organise an event in an area managed by FTIA?

The Finnish Transport Infrastructure agency (FTIA) manages all platforms at stations intended to help the passengers to get on a train safely. A part of the station buildings and underpasses (such as the Tikkurila railway station and the station bridge) also belong to FTIA.

If you want to find out more about organising an event or a campaign in areas managed by FTIA, please complete this application and send it to the address [email protected].

The permits for each event are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. We recommend that you contact us well in advance in issues related to permits, at least a few weeks before the planned event.

Limitations and pricing

  • Political, religious or ideological events cannot be held in areas managed by FTIA.
  • The event must not cause noise pollution or disturb the clear passage of passengers in the station and platform areas.
  • FTIA does not usually charge for the use of platform areas at stations as event locations.

In whose area the planned event will be organised?

In Finland, railway stations and their surrounding areas usually belong to several different parties. For example, the platforms and underpasses of the Helsinki Central Railway Station belong to FTIA, while the station building is managed by VR and the metro stations by Helsinki City Transport HKL.

You always need the permission of the owner of the location to organise an event. Because there are several owners, in some areas you may need more than one permit.

If you are not sure who the owner of the area is, you should ask us at ([email protected]).