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Digiroad data

Digiroad data includes the center line geometry of the transport network, traffic-related attribute data and other transport system objects.

The center line geometry covers the vehicle-accessible roads, ferry and cable ferry connections for cars, railways and separate pedestrian and cycle routes. Traffic-related attribute data includes the attribute data of traffic elements as well as the restrictions, limits and other features of the road and street network. It is the most comprehensive road data in Finland. The data includes information about official road numbers, names, address numbers, bridges, tunnels, lit roads, bus stops, traffic lights and volume, road width as well as pavement type and public transport lanes. It also includes information about the restrictions like speed limits, restricted manoeuvres, maximum allowed information and services. 

There are some areas in the road name network where there is no name information. We have recognized the problem and it will be fixed.

The structure is depicted in more detail in the description of data objects found here.

Digiroad data is available as open data. Therefore, it is free of charge for all. When using the data, follow the Creative Commons BY 4.0 license specifications.

More information on the attribution can be found on Creative Common's website. 

Delivery format

Data description, Downloading and Delivery format

Digiroad data can be downloaded from the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency's in here. The data can be downloaded either as a nation-wide package or as smaller packages based on the Finnish region division. Digiroad data consists of ESRI shapefiles, each of which includes the geometry and attribute data of one data object. Digiroad data is available in two different formats (R and K).

Digiroad R Contains dynamically segmented attribute data in reference chains. It is delivered in ESRI Shapefile -format. 

Digiroad K is a delivery format in which traffic elements have been cut into parts containing uniform attribute data. It is delivered in ESRI Shapefile -format and it's suited for use with for example MapInfo and QGIS -products. 

Both versions are available in ETRS-TM35FIN coordinate system. 


Digiroad data updates available in TN-ITS API

Changes that occure in the Digiroad data are available in TN-ITS API. Datasets are updated once a day and they are released here: 

Datasets are created using the OpenLR library. At the moment the API includes changes concerning speed limits and maximum allowed limits. 



You can give us Feedback via email, phone or on our Slack channel (check it out from  Digiroad Community page). FTIA has also a general feedback channel here.

Digiroad is usually used via some other program or provider.  This makes giving feedback harder.  Our Digiroad-operators are happy to receive feedback and new ideas. Also, we will reforward your feedback if needed.