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Photography or filming in a railway area

Permission is required for professional photography or filming in a railway area administered by the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency. The person granted permission is responsible for all costs in relation to the photography or filming as well as for any inconveniences or damages caused by the photography. A valid liability insurance covering all persons involved in the photography/filming is required by the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency.

When filming in the station platform area or near the tracks, it is required that you obey the following instructions to ensure your own safety and to make sure the filming does not disturb traffic.

  • Drone aviation is forbidden above the railway tracks. More info:
  • Do not enter the track area.
  • You must keep at least 1.5 meters away from the edge of the platform, unless you are boarding or unboarding a train.
  • The filming must not disturb train traffic or passengers.
  • The lights must not in any way cause visual distraction to the engine driver or passengers.
  • From the platform level, it is not allowed to go closer than 3 meters to the contact wire or hinged cantilever with a long object, such a as a microphone or a lamp. In addition to this, you have to look out for the roof structures and pantograph of the electric locomotive or train.
  • The light equipment or other equipment must not rise above the electric conductors or be positioned in such a manner that they might fall on the conductors or tracks.
  • Driving a vehicle in the station platform area is prohibited.
  • Graffiti must not be shown in the film, if possible.
  • All regulations concerning filming in public places must be followed.