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Digiroad – the two-year plan

Digiroad is an ever-evolving material. Major trends in traffic spatial data provide Digiroad's development plan with key topics to monitor, according to which the data is taken forward.

Digiroad is being developed in line with the major trends in the spatial data needs of traffic. The key objectives are to develop quality and support the development of mobility services. The concretisation of legislative reforms has supported the development. The most significant reforms have been the new Private Roads Act (560/2018) and the Road Traffic Act (729/2018). The next development direction is the material requirements for automated driving and how to respond to them.

Digiroad also cooperates closely with other projects, such as the National Topographic Database with development.

The development priorities are themes that Digiroad is currently working on. Based on the themes, several actual development works are underway. When the development work is completed, it will become part of the basic operations of Digiroad operations.