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FTIA's GIS-service

Maps and charts - A summary of Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency's maps

Map on winter maintenance services in Helsinki region

FTIA maintain several thematic maps on infrastructure data. In addition to maps there are also services available where one can view FTIA's data.

Links to the maps are summarized on this page and can also be found from the left menu under the different infrastructure types.

The most accurate data is available through FTIA's open APIs. Data from the map services are available through REST-apis. Data from projects and the Network statement for railways can also be downloaded. More information on these topics can be found from the API-site.

Common maps (in Finnish)

On time travel in Finland: a story map
Projects, FTIA's investment projects
Download- and Viewing service - Download and View infrastructure GIS-data.
Feedback service - FTIA's, Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment and TMFG's common feedback service
TEN-T network

Maps service for open data