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Railway network maintenance

The Finnish railway network is kept open to traffic at all times. This requires constant maintenance. Maintenance services include inspections, periodic servicing and repairs, as well as snow removal in winter.

At night, workmen are renovating a railway line near the Helsinki Railway Station.

To ensure proper operating conditions, the various parts of the railway network are maintained throughout their lifecycle. Maintenance is conducted on superstructures (rails, sleepers, switches and ballast), substructures, level crossings, bridges, traffic control and safety equipment, electrification and power current equipment, and land areas.

The maintenance measures required are specified through inspections and track condition monitoring. These measures are performed in order to maintain the original condition of the railway network. They include random switches of sleepers, replacement of worn track and switch components, as well as renewing parts of systems, such as safety equipment.

Inspections and maintenance services related to the operating condition of the railway network require expertise and special equipment and materials. The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency procures maintenance services through competitive bidding.