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Vääksy Canal

Kymijoki River Basin 
Lahti-Heinola route
Nautical chart: J307

Permitted vessel dimensions
35.0 x 8.3 x 2.4 x 11.0(m)
(Length x width x draught x height)

Services: Restaurant, kiosk, many sights. Boaters' services at Kanavalahti guest harbour on the Päijänne side.
Difference in water level: 2.85 - 3.35 m

The canal connects Lakes Vesijärvi and Päijänne. The 1315 m-long canal was built in 1868-71. The clearance for the movable bridge that crosses the canal is 2.1 metres. The canal is manned, and it is Finland’s busiest boating canal, where traffic may become backed up especially on Fridays at 17–20 and Sundays 15–20.

When approaching from below (Päijänne), the locking call point is located on the left on the upper canal’s waiting pier, and when approaching from above (Vesijärvi), these are located on the right on the lower canal’s pier. Service locking at Kalkkinen Lock is controlled remotely from Vääksy Canal.

Contact information for the canal

Tel. + 358 (0)295 34 4152

Service canal

Opening hours summer 2024

Note. Exception to opening hours above the channel page. 

May: at 9–21 
June: at 9–24
July: at 9–24
August: at 9–24
September: at 9–18
October: closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, open on other days 9–17 Bookings no later than at 15.00 the previous business day.