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Contact information

Project manager

Vesa Ruohomäki

  • 029 534 3258

Kuopio railway yard

Railway project Ongoing North Savo

The Kuopio railway yard project consists of renewing platforms and signs, improving the passenger tunnel leading to the travel centre, renewing safety devices, and building lifts to the platforms. The Puijonkatu underpass and Maaherrankatu underpass will also be renewed.

  • Planning 2021-2022
  • In progress 2022-2024
  • Completed 2024

Basic information of the project

48 000 000
Responsible parties
Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency

•    Renewed platforms   
•    New signs        
•    Passenger tunnel improvement
•    Modern safety device technology    
•    Renewed Puijonkatu underpass 
•    Renewed Maaherrankatu underpass
•    Lifts to the platforms

Present state

Approximately 9,100 trains stop at the Kuopio railway yard every year. The railway yard serves line traffic on the Savo railway line, recycled metals and raw wood transports in the region, and transports for the local corrugated board plant.

The current challenges in the railway yard are an inadequate number of tracks and significant condition-related problems. There are also deficiencies in technical track safety devices and centralisation of turnouts. 

The storage and maintenance tracks in the passenger railway yard are inadequate in relation to needs, and some passenger trains have to be parked in the freight railway yard. The platforms at the passenger station do not meet today’s accessibility requirements.

Content and objectives of the project

The project entity consists of several parallel components: 

  • Improvement of the passenger railway yard (platforms, tracks, lifts and passenger tunnel)
  • Renewal of Puijonkatu underpass 
  • Renewal of safety devices

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The aim of the project is to build accessible routes so that access to platforms and trains is easy and safe for everyone. Lifts and raised platforms will make this possible. Good signs, including tactile ground and floor markings for visually impaired people, will also improve accessibility.



The new safety devices will improve the punctuality of train traffic. 


Cost savings

Increasing the number of storage and maintenance tracks for passenger trains will clarify passenger and freight traffic operations and provide more track space for freight traffic.


Safety and comfort

The aim is to build a safe and pleasant area and improve the appearance of passenger platforms and the passenger tunnel. Raised platforms and lifts will facilitate movement and increase safety. 


A more spacious Puijonkatu underpass

The Puijonkatu underpass will be altered to make it more spacious. There will still be two lanes and a light traffic path in both directions under the bridge. 


The project is part of overall development of the Kuopio station area

The railway yard and its development are also more extensively related to development of the Kuopio station area and travel centre. The station building and its improvement are not part of this project. The station building is managed by VR Group. A travel centre completed in 2021 on the northern side of the railway yard provides passenger traffic with a wide range of services.

Project benefits

  • Unhindered access to trains, platforms, the travel centre and station (prams, persons with reduced mobility)
  • Accessible signs (guidance for visually impaired persons)
  • Safety
  • Cost savings in train traffic
  • Improved punctuality for train traffic
  • Comfort 

Disadvantages of the project

Several work stages will have to be performed on weekday nights and weekends to enable train traffic during the daytime. The project will cause noise disturbances at night for residents in the environment.  

The project will require exceptional arrangements for moving around in the area, both in the station area and on Puijonkatu.

Project schedule

  • Project planning in 2021–2022
  • Construction in 2022–2024