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Fairway cards

Fairway cards contain information on fairways and ports and are intended for seafarers. They form a complement to the nautical charts and publications.

The fairway cards cover the channels to all ports which are kept open in winter, i.e. most of the major shipping lanes.

A fairway card contains facts about the fairway dimensions, navigability and navigational conditions, traffic recommendations and restrictions and traffic services provided. Drawings of the fairway and the harbour are appended. The drawings are not intended for navigational use. They outline the channel alignment and buoyage, the fairway area, safe clearance depths, berths and other places which the text refers to.

NOTE! The transition to the new N2000 height system in nautical chart publications has begun. The fairway charts will be updated to use this height system at the same time as new coastal maps are published.  Users should ensure that their fairway chart uses the same height system as the coastal map. An updated fairway chart with the N2000 height system can be identified by the text N2000 (BSCD2000) at the top of the card.

More information about the change (Traficom)

New service: Digital fairways cards

The language of the digital fairways cards can be changed on the site menu. The digital fairways cards are available in English, Finnish and Swedish.

Archipelago Sea

Naantali 15.3 m


Lövskar-Isokari 10 m


Mariehamn 8.2 m

Pori, Mäntyluoto channel N2000 (BSCD)

Pori, Mäntyluoto 12 m

Pori, Tahkoluoto channel N2000 (BSCD)

Pori, Tahkoluoto 15.3 m

Rauma channel N2000 (BSCD)

Rauma 12 m

Rauma, Valkeakari channel N2000 (BSCD)

Rauma, Valkeakari 7.5 m

Dalsbruk 8.0

Utö-Hanko 9 m

Utö-Lövskär 10 m

Uusikaupunki channel N2000 (BSCD)

Uusikaupunki 12,5 m

Uusikaupunki Hepokari channel N2000 (BSCD)

Uusikaupunki, Hepokari 8.5 m

Gulf of Finland

Hamina 12,0 m


Hanko 13 m channel

Hanko Bypass Channel

Hanko-Tvärminne 9 m

Helsinki Channel (9.6 m)

Helsinki West Harbour Channel


Inkoo 13 m


Loviisa 9.5 m

Mussalo 15.3 m


Sköldvik 15.3 m

Vuosaari Channel

Gulf of Bothnia

Kaskinen 9 m MW

Kaskinen fairway N2000 (BSCD)

Vaasa fairway N2000 (BSCD)

Pietarsaari fairway N2000 (BSCD)

Kalajoki Rahja fairway N2000 (BSCD)

Kokkola fairway N2000 (BSCD)

Kemi Ajos fairway N2000 (BSCD)

Hailuoto approach - Oulu 1 N2000 (BSCD)

Oulu fairway N2000 (BSCD)

Oulu - Kemi fairway N2000 (BSCD)

Tornio Röyttä fairway N2000 (BSCD)

Raahe fairway N2000 (BSCD)

Raahe-Oulu-Kemi Coastal Fairway N2000 (BSCD)

Kristiinankaupunki 12 m MW

Kristiinankaupunki - Björnö fairway N2000 (BSCD)

Veitsiluoto fairway N2000 (BSCD)

Stubben - Munsala fairway N2000 (BSCD)