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Digiroad - National Road and Street Database

Digiroad is the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency's national open data information system. It contains the centre line geometry and key characteristics of the entire Finnish road and street network. Digiroad offers a free and unified description of the transport network in a digital format. 

Digiroad was introduced in 2004. Today, it enables, for example, the development and productisation of various route planning, navigation, tourism and traffic telematics services. The data is open for everyone to use and the material can be downloaded here.

The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency (FTIA) administrates the Digiroad service. Municipalities and the Regional centres for economic development, transport and environment (ELY) take care of the data administration in co-operation with the Finnish Transport Agency. 

Legal Data

Digiroad's operations are based on the Act on the Road and Street Network Information System and the Government Decree on Characteristics Data Stored in the Road and Street Network Information System (997/2003).

The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency owns the Digiroad information system and is responsible for its operation, development and disclosure of data by decision of the Ministry of Transport and Communications. The Digiroad operator acts as the main user of the system, maintains the material and supports various parties in Digiroad activities. The operator service is currently handled by CGI Suomi Oy.

Responsibilities for maintaining the material

The responsibility for maintaining the data contained in Digiroad has been divided so that Digiroad would have the best and most up-to-date information on the road and street network. Organisations maintaining the data are the National Land Survey of Finland, the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency, municipalities and TVVs (competent authority, e.g., the National Land Survey of Finland). HSL and Föli). In addition, since the beginning of 2019, private road municipalities have reported data on private roads.