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Documents of Digiroad publications

The Digiroad material publication is published a few times a year.

The Digiroad material publication is published a few times a year, and the appendices to the publication are published in pdf format. The appendices include the "Description of data objects" -document and the cover letter, "ReadMe". On this page you will find a link to the latest Digiroad material publication and its appendices.  Older material publications and their appendices can be found in the same way as the latest material publication with attachments at the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency`s download service.

The material publication can also be downloaded and seen from the Suomen Väylät mapservice.

Please also remember to read and follow the terms of use of the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency's open data.

Latest Digiroad data publication and documents

Schedule of material publications:

During the spring of 2023 Digiroad will move to use continually updating road links from the national topographic database: the break of road link geometry updates will continue and there will be a break in the material publications. Read more.