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Feedback on state-owned roads, railroads and waterways

In our Feedback channel you can give feedback, ask questions, give suggestions for improvement and report conditions on roads, railways and waterways. We process messages on weekdays.

Traffic Customer Service - Feedback channel

Please note, that cities take care of the maintenance of their own street networks.

We request that you make urgents reports on road conditions and traffic problems by telephoning the Road User Line, 0200 2100 (calls to servicenumbers are charged at the local network rate specified in your subscription agreement and calls from a mobile phone are charged at the mobile phone rate 24 h/day).

In case of emergency, call 112. Please do not call the emergency number unless you have a genuine emergency for which you need urgent assistance from the authorities.

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Missing or broken beacon?

If you notice a broken or missing beacon, please call 0800-181818 or use the feedback app for missing beacons.