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Why you should keep away from train tracks

Trespassing on railway areas, such as tracks and railway yards, is dangerous and for this reason, it is also prohibited by law. Incidents of trespassing train tracks are always reported to the police or the emergency response centre.

Trains cannon swerve
- Trains travel at high speeds and their stopping distance is hundreds of metres. Trains are also quiet – when you hear a train coming, it is already too late. 
- The airflow generated by a moving train can easily knock you down if you are standing close to the tracks. 

Risk of electric shock
- The voltage on overhead wires can kill. It is hundred times higher than the voltage in a socket outlet in your home, and electricity can also jump several metres from the wires.

Do not rely on train timetables
- Do not rely on vague memories of timetables: in addition to scheduled trains, there is also off-schedule train traffic, such as maintenance and freight traffic.

Do not take shortcuts
- Crossing railway lines outside public crossings is dangerous and therefore prohibited. 

Vandalism endangers rail safety 
- Vandalism, such as placing rocks, bicycles or other obstacles on tracks is strictly prohibited. It may cause a serious accident and put the lives of train passengers and the perpetrators in danger.

Like or live?
- Train tracks are not the right place to take selfies.

Act responsibly and keep yourself and others safe. Tracks are only for trains!