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Map service for open data


Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency

Open data specialist

Minna Huovinen

  • +358 29 534 3215

Inquiries regarding GIS-data and service advice

[email protected]

Inquiries regarding the open data service (AVA)

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Open data for Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency

Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency (FTIA) supports development and maintenance for road, railway and waterway networks in Finland by offering its data openly and free for public use.

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Principles for open data

Open data is an important factor in all development at FTIA.  Open data and Open APIs are a key factor when renewing old and designing new information systems as the Law for Traffic Services in Finland (2017/320) obligates. FTIA aims to open its data collections for public use in machine readable formats. Suomen Väylät -mapservice is the centralt service for viewing and downloading FTIA's open data.

Public data can be published according to the principles of open knowledge. Before data is opened, FTIA confirms there are no legal obstacles for the publication.

Open data means, that the data can be used



The FTIA's Open Data Usage Video has been released. The video introduces the FTIA's comprehensive open data mapping service, Suomen Väylät and demonstrates the utilization of open APIs with QGIS software. Link to the video (In Finnish)


A description of the data content for open railway network data has been published (in Finnish):

New thematic maps available via Suomen Väylät -mapservice:
- Repair dept:
- Road traffic volumes:

The data of thematic maps are also availeble via open data (WMS/WFS services).

FTIA's old WMS/WFS services will be taken down after 31.1.2023. The old services will no longer be in use. Information about FTIA's new WMS/WFS services can be found on the Open API -page.

FTIA has published a QGIS-plugin, which enables search-features in terms of road- and streed adresses. More information regarding the plugin can be found via FTIA's GitHub.

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