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Border traffic

The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency collects count data on vehicle traffic at land border crossing-points. The data is collected in the automatic traffic counting system (LAM) and data on some border crossing-points has been obtained from the Finnish Customs. The data collection system was changed at the beginning of 2014. At the beginning of 2014, we also cooperated with the Finnish Customs to change the vehicle categorization.

The monthly publication of land border traffic volymes on this page ends in March 2021 and i the future the data can be found in the Customs Statistics Service.

Vehicle categories

  • light-duty vehicles (cars and vans)
  • heavy-duty vehicles (lorries and buses).

Border traffic 2021

January - December

Border traffic 2009 - 2020

The tables were updated on 16.4.2014. The new categories mean that buses and lorries are now added together.The traffic volumes at some border crossing-points have also been corrected with figures obtained from the Finnish Customs.

Janyary-December 2020 (xls)
January-December 2019 (xls)
January-December 2018 (xls)
January-December 2017 (xls)
January-December 2016 (xls)
January-December 2015 (xls)
January-December 2014 (xls)
January-December 2013 (xls)
January-December 2012 (xls)
January-December 2011 (xls)
January-December 2010 (xls)
January-December 2009 (xls)