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Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency


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Planning programme

The planning programme summarises the railway and waterway planning work carried out at the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency and the major projects planned for the state-owned road network by the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency and ELY Centres.

Programming of the projects ensures adequate and timely planning preparedness for transport infrastructure investments before decisions are made. As a rule, no decisions have yet been made on Budget funding for the infrastructure projects listed in the planning programme.

The planning programme is prepared each year on the basis of the planning needs presented by ELY Centres (Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment) and the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency. Coordination of the programme preparation is the responsibility of the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency.

The latest planning programme covers the period 2022–2025. The most important projects included in the programme are divided as follows:

  • Roads, approximately 50 general and road planning projects

  • Railway network, approximately 20 projects

  • Waterways, 7 projects

The programme also includes preliminary studies and small-scale rail and road projects.

Selection criteria

The criteria for selecting projects for the plan are based on the objectives set out in the National Transport System Plan (Transport 12). Read more about Transport 12 plan (in Finnish).

Selection of the projects for the planning programme is specifically aimed at promoting the planning of the projects listed in the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency’s investment programme. Read more about the investment programme. Factors affecting the choices also include the needs identified in the strategic situational picture and otherwise urgent or critical needs. Read more about the strategic situational picture.

Efficiency, sustainability and accessibility are the objectives set out in the Transport 12 plan and they are all aimed at mitigating climate change. Efficiency of the projects proposed for the planning programme is primarily assessed on the basis of their socio-economic efficiency, preservation of infrastructure value and condition, and benefit-cost ratio. In accessibility, the focus is on impacts on road safety, meeting of customer needs, service level of the core transport infrastructure, and international connections. Environmental sustainability is the key sustainability consideration.


The planning projects approved for the 2022–2025 planning programme of the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency are presented below. The list shows the programme projects that are already under way or that are expected to be launched in 2022 and 2023. The planning programme also includes preliminary planning projects and planning projects that are nearing completion.

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Most important road planning projects for the period 2022–2023 

Road projects

1. Highway 2, Nummela–Karkkila, road plan

2. Highway 2, improvements at the centre of Pori, road plan

3. Follow-up to highway 3 development study, road plan

4. Highway 3, Sikuri–Ikaalinen, road plan

5. Highway 3, Tampere–Vaasa, road plan for section Hanhijärvi–Sarkkila

6. Highway 4, Ilmasilta interchange, road plan

7. Highway 4, Toivakka–Jyväskylä, changes to road plan

8. Highway 4 at Vaajakoski, road plan

9. Highway 4, Vehniä–Äänekoski, road plan

10. Highway 5, improvements at Leppävirta, road plan

11. Highway 5, improvements between Valkeinen and Taipale (Nerkoo bypass road), planning

12. Highway 6 at Kouvola, road plan

13. Highway 6, Kullasvaara interchange, road plan

14. Highway 7, bus stops at Länsimäentie, road plan

15. Highway 8, Laitila interchange, road plan

16. Highway 8, planning of bypass lanes between Vaasa and Kokkola, road plan

17. Traffic arrangements at intersection between highways 8 and 27, road and construction plan

18. Highway 9, Vartiala–Riistavesi, road plan

19. Highway 9, Tampere–Orivesi, road plan for section Alasjärvi–Käpykangas

20. Highway 9, Tampere–Orivesi, road plan for section Käpykangas–Orivesi

21. Highway 9, improvements between Turku and Tampere, road plan

22. Highway 12, improving pedestrian and cycling paths between Tays Central Hospital and Alasjärvi (Teiskontie), road plan

23. Highway 12, Uusikylä–Tillola, road plan

24. Highway 18, Laihia–Seinäjoki, road plan

25. Highway 19, Seinäjoki–Lapua 2+2, road plan

26. Highway 21, Palojoensuu–Kilpisjärvi, road plan for section Palojoensuu–Maunu

27. Highway 25, Vesitorni interchange in Lohja, road plan

28. Highway 25 at Asemantie intersection in Vihti, road plan

29. Highway 26, urgent measures, road plan

30. Highway 50, Ring Road III, Ala-Tikkurila–Kalkkikallio (Puistola bridges), road plan

31. Highways 51 and 115, Sunnanvik interchange, road plan

32. Highway 92, Karigasniemi border crossing bridge, road and construction plan

33. Highway 180, Kirjala–Kurkela, road plan

34. Highway 815, improving Lentokentäntie between Oulunlahti and Oulunsalo, road and construction plan

35. Highway 849, Iijoki bridge, road plan

36. Highway 4012, international border crossing in Parikkala

37. Highway 11507, northern logistics link for Central Uusimaa, road plan

38. Highway 12003, replacing Kivimo ferry with bridge, Parainen, construction plan

39. Highway 14784, Kutila canal, road plan

40. Transport connections at GigaVaasa battery manufacturing site, road plans

41. Highways 12 and 65, Vaitinaro interchange, road plan

General plans

1. Highway 3, Marjamäki–Kulju–Pirkkala and Ring Road 2, environmental impact assessment and general plan

2. Highway 3, Vaasa–Laihia, environmental impact assessment and general plan

3. Highway 5, Savilahti bridge in Mikkeli, general plan for the bridge and road plan

4. Highway 6, Syrjäsalmi bridge in Kitee, general plan for the bridge and road plan

5. Highway 8, Rauma–Eurajoki, conversion into four-lane road, environmental impact assessment and general plan

6. Highway 9, Kanavuori–Lievestuore, environmental impact assessment and general plan

7. Highway 9, Korpilahti–Jyväskylä, environmental impact assessment and general plan

8. Highway 51, Munkinmäki–Sunnanvik, environmental impact assessment and general plan

9. Highway 67, Ilmajoki–Seinäjoki, environmental impact assessment and general plan

10. Highway 73, Lieksanjoki bridge in Lieksa, general plan for the bridge and road plan

11. Highway 1002, Skåldö bridge, environmental impact assessment and general plan


Most important railway planning projects for 2022

Most important studies and plans

1. City Rail Loop+studies

2. Pasila–Riihimäki, phase 3, railway plan

3. Bypass points between Helsinki and Tampere, railway plan

4. Raisio–Naantali electrification

5. Luumäki–Vainikkala rail link

6. Capacity between Luumäki and Joutseno

7. Imatra–Imatrankoski–border, railway plan

8. Reducing travel times between Imatra and Joensuu, needs assessment

9. Reducing travel times between Kouvola and Kuopio, needs assessment

10. Tampere–Jyväskylä rail link

11. Capacity between Tampere and Oulu

12. Seinäjoki–Vaasa rail link, railway plan

13. Lautiosaari–Elijärvi rail link, railway plan

14. Tornio–Röyttä rail link (13 and 14 are part of the same project), railway plan

15. Oulu passenger rail yard, railway plan

16. Oulu–Kontiomäki–Vartius, needs assessment

17. Oulu–Laurila–Tornio/Haparanda rail link

18. Expanding the 250 kN axle load rail network (not shown on the map)

Other rail projects and studies

  • Track repair plans

  • Rail yard improvement plans

  • Plans to improve the safety of level crossings

  • Development of timber loading facilities

  • Surveys of transport connections for new production plants

  • Separate reports as needed

Railway planning projects on map.


Most important waterway planning projects for 2022

1. Åland Islands fairways

  • Eckerö fairway deepening to 7 metres, general plan and water permit application

2. Koverhar fairway

  • General plan and water permit application

  • Deepening the fairway to 14.0 metres as part of the Koverhar Port development project

3. Loviisa fairway

  • Deepening the fairway to 11.0 metres, general plan review

4. Plans for improving Saimaa deep-water routes

5. Vaasa fairway

  • Preliminary plan, improving the fairway geometry at current draught

6. Oulu fairway

  • Preparation of a preliminary plan at the draught of 14 metres

  • Ground surveys and a general plan for improving the fairway geometry at current draught.

7. Tornio fairway

  • Preliminary plan, improving the fairway geometry at current draught

Wateryway planning projects on map.


Funding the planning programme

Projects in the planning programme will be funded from the Budget. Funding comes from the item of basic transport infrastructure maintenance and the item of transport infrastructure development (other development project planning). Read more about the Budget.

Funding for basic transport infrastructure maintenance is mostly used for preliminary studies and general plans and for national studies on the transport system. Purpose of preliminary planning is to identify the most efficient projects for further measures. In general planning, more detailed measures are sought and solutions are coordinated with land use. Funding for small-scale road and rail planning projects is also granted from the basic maintenance item. Read more about the stages of transport infrastructure planning (in Finnish).

From the development item, funding is only provided for projects that will later be listed separately in the Budget as implementation projects but that have not yet been granted authorisation from the development item.

Under the funding framework of the 2022 planning programme, a total of EUR 10.7 million has been allocated to the preliminary planning, studies, general planning and road, rail and water permit planning of significant planning projects in the overall planning programme.

Unallocated balances and project-specific balances for this year will also be available for planning in 2022. Funding has also been provided for small-scale planning projects selected by ELY Centres. This funding is granted to ELY Centres in accordance with transport volumes. The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency also uses track maintenance appropriation for the planning of track improvement projects.

Under the item of other development project planning, EUR 9.4 million has been allocated to planning of projects in all types of transport infrastructure to be designated separately in the investment spending items of the Budget. Unallocated and project-specific balances for 2021 and funding for planning projects under the development item and mentioned separately in the Budget will also be available in 2022.