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Transport system planning

Planning is used by the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency to promote solutions which improve the functionality and safety of travel and transport chains, as well as boosting the efficiency of the transport system, while taking into account the environmental perspective.

Effective travel and transport through multimodal collaboration.

The key sections of the road and railway networks, in addition to the main ports and air ports, form the basis for planning the national transport system.
The strategic planning of the transport system at national level comprises:

  • A national 12-year transport system plan (first prepared for 2021–2032)
  • Government Programme
  • Government resolutions
  • Group strategy in the administrative branch of the Ministry of Transport and Communications and other strategies and future review
  • Strategic situational picture of the transport network prepared by the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom 
  • The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency’s programmes and policies

Regional transport system planning comprises:

  • Mutual plans among several regions
  • Transport system plans by regions
  • Transport system plans by sub-regions