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Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency

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Anna Jokela

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Investment programme

The investment programme is a proposal for new rail, road and waterway projects and their impacts submitted by the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency. The first investment programme was prepared for the period 2022–2029 and it is part of the implementation of the National Transport System Plan (Transport 12). Finnish Parliament will decide on the implementation of the development projects listed in the investment programme.

What is included in the investment programme?

Only the projects on which no funding decision has yet been made are included in the investment programme.

The investment programme includes development projects, major renovation projects and project packages as well as small-scale projects to improve basic transport infrastructure. Projects funded with EU support or jointly with urban regions or the business community are also included in the programme.

What is not included in the investment programme?

The investment programme does not include the projects on which decisions have already been made and that have received funding (for example, the Digirail project). Nor does it include projects for which no planning or implementation resources have yet been allocated. In addition, the investment programme does not include other basic transport infrastructure management, which includes winter maintenance and road paving repairs.

Projects already under way are also outside the scope of the programme. For more details about ongoing projects, visit our website (the information is in Finnish).

Will all projects listed in the investment programme become a reality?

Not necessarily. The investment programme is a proposal for investments in the state-owned transport network compiled by the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency. Parliament ultimately decides on whether the development projects included in the investment programme will be carried out. The projects will be funded from the Budget.

Parliament may also grant funding for transport infrastructure projects that are not included in the investment programme.

Selection criteria

The investment programme projects have been selected on the basis of the objectives and priorities set out in the Transport 12 plan. Efficiency, sustainability and accessibility are the objectives set out in the Transport 12 plan and they are all aimed at mitigating climate change. Urgent needs, which are also set out in the strategic situational picture for the transport network, can also impact the choices.

The investment programme prepared by the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency is based on the information produced by impact assessments. Major impacts of each project have been identified in the impact assessment. The estimated total impacts indicate how the investment programme will help to make the Transport 12 plan and its accessibility, sustainability and efficiency targets a reality. Assessment of the total impacts of rail, road and waterway projects has been carried out on the basis of the general assessment obligation laid down in the Act on the Impact Assessment of Plans and Projects (200/2005).

Priority in the selection of projects has been on projects promoting the objectives set out in the Transport 12 plan with maximum effectiveness. However, a large number of good and necessary projects have been left outside the investment programme because the development needs total more than EUR 10 billion but only a fraction of this sum is available.

What is the funding basis for the investment programme?

The investment programme is based on the financial framework of the Transport 12 plan and the funding allocation policies. The financial framework for the investment programme (funding available for the plan) is comprised as follows:

  • Development projects, approx. EUR 2.3 billion.

  • Basic infrastructure improvement projects, approx. EUR 800 million.

  • During the period 2022–2029, a total of EUR 500 million in central government funding can be allocated for seven LHT urban regions. Part of this funding is allocated to the state-owned transport infrastructure network, and the projects are specified in separate agreements between central government and municipalities.

The above projects total just over EUR 3 billion.

How is the funding for the investment programme divided by type of transport infrastructure?

The financial framework for the development projects in the Transport 12 plan totals approximately EUR 2.3 billion and it is divided as follows:

Railway network: EUR 1260 million

The investment programme contains 19 rail projects. The development themes concern the functioning and capacity of the railway network, connections between regional centres, station areas and railway yards as well as measures outside the main rail network.

Road network: EUR 977 million

The investment programme contains 28 core infrastructure improvement projects, 14 improvement projects in the rest of the road network, and 57 basic infrastructure improvement projects. The development themes concern the development of main routes, improvement of the operating preconditions of businesses on the rest of the road network, and central government participation in projects managed by municipalities outside LHT regions, on a co-funded basis.

Waterways: EUR 82 million

The investment programme contains seven medium-sized or small-scale improvement projects and three other waterway development projects.

Investment programme projects

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Road projects included in the investment programme

Improvement of main routes

  • Highway 2 in Humppila

  • Highway 2, Ruskila–Haistila

  • Highway 2, improvements at the centre of Pori

  • Improvements of highway 2 between highway 120 and Karkkila

  • Continuation of highway 3 (Hämeenkyrönväylä) between Rokkakoski and Hanhijärvi

  • Highway 3, Alaskylä–Parkano

  • Highway 3 at Koskue and Rajalanmäki

  • Intersection of highways 3 and 19 at Jalasjärvi

  • Highway 4 north of Leivonmäki

  • Highway 4 at Vestonmäki

  • Highway 4, Oravasaari interchange

  • Highway 4 between Ring Road I and Ring Road III (including traffic management between Koskela and Järvenpää)

  • Highway 5, Savilahti bridge

  • Highway 6, Syrjäsalmi bridge

  • Highway 6 at Koria (Hevossuo–Nappa)

  • Highway 8, Vaasa–Kokkola, bypass lanes with middle barriers at Kovjoki, Kolppi and Kruunupyy

  • Highway 8 at the centre of Kokkola, phase 1

  • Road connecting highways 8 and 742 in Vaasa, phase 1

  • Highway 9, improvements at Ylämylly

  • Highway 9, Tampere–Orivesi, phase 1 between Alasjärvi and Käpykangas

  • Improvements of highway 9, and Lentokentäntie traffic arrangements (highway 562)

  • Highway 9, Jämsä–Korpilahti

  • Highway 15, Kotka–Kouvola

  • Highway 15, Kotka access road (Hyväntuulentie)

  • Highway 21, Palojoensuu–Maunu

  • Highway 21, Ailakkalahti–Kilpisjärvi

  • Highway 25, Hanko–Mäntsälä lightweight 1

  • E18/highway 40 Turku Ring Road at the centre of Raisio

Other road network improvements

  • Highway 5, Kitinen bridge in Sodankylä (urgent)

  • Highway 11, Koivisto and Pikkuhaara bridges in Pori

  • Highway 23 at Karvio canal

  • Highway 24, Vääksy bridge in Asikkala

  • Highway 27, southern overpass in Ylivieska

  • Highway 40, Hepojoki bridge (urgent) and Pietilä underpass

  • Highway 50, Ring Road III repair of depression at Espoonkartano

  • Highway 73, Lieksanjoki bridge in Lieksa

  • Highway 849, Iijoki bridge (urgent)

  • Highway 937, Pello bridge (urgent)

  • Highway 8155, Oulu port connection, Poikkimaantie improvements

  • Highway 19758, Suhanko mine road

  • Highway 12003, replacing Kivimo ferry with bridge, Parainen

  • Highway 15123, replacing Hätinvirta ferry with bridge, Puumala

  • Developing regional cycling networks and quality corridors in the state-owned road network

Map of road projects of investing program.

Rail projects included in the investment programme

  • Helsinki–Riihimäki, phase 3

  • Developing Imatra traffic operating point, phase 1

  • Kokkola railway yard

  • Kotka: Kotolahti–Mussalo, through track (additional track)

  • Oulu–Kontiomäki

  • Saarijärvi–Haapajärvi renovation

  • Tampere passenger rail yard

  • Turku–Uusikaupunki renovation and Raisio–Naantali renovation and electrification

  • Minor improvements at Vainikkala railway yard

  • Hanko–Hyvinkää renovation

  • Helsinki–Tampere renovation

  • Reducing travel times between Imatra and Joensuu

  • Reducing travel times between Kouvola and Kuopio

  • Lauritsala traffic operating point

  • Lautiosaari–Elijärvi and Tornio–Röyttä renovation and electrification

  • Capacity improvements and higher speeds between Luumäki and Joutseno

  • Higher speeds between Luumäki and Vainikkala

Karttakuva investointiohjelmaan sisältyvistä ratahankkeista.

Waterway projects included in the investment programme

  • Deepening of Loviisa fairway

  • Deepening of Vaasa fairway

  • Improving the geometry of Tornio fairway

  • Widening the inner section of Vaasa fairway

  • Deepening of Koverhar fairway

  • Deepening of Färjsund fairway

  • Widening the inner section of Oulu fairway

  • Deepening of Eckerö fairway

  • Improving Saimaa deep-water routes

  • Deepening of Raahe fairway

Investointiohjelmaan sisältyvät vesiväylähankkeet kartalla.

Basic infrastructure projects included in the investment programme

ELY Centre for Uusimaa

  • Highway 1, Korissuonmäki green bridge (accidents involving deer), Vihti

  • Highway 3/highway 54, public transport interchange, Riihimäki

  • Highway 3/highway 57, traffic lights at southern ramp of Ojoinen interchange, Hämeenlinna

  • Highway 6, improvements at Koivistontie intersection, Lapinjärvi

  • Highway 7 (E18), repair of road damage at Vanhakylä, Loviisa

  • Highway 7, game fence between Smedsbacka and Treksilä, Porvoo

  • Highways 10 and 284, groundwater protection and road arrangements at Vieremä in Forssa

  • Highway 24, underpass at Paimela intersection in Hollola

  • Highway 24, pedestrian and cycling path and underpass between Hilliläntie and Syrjäntauksentie in Asikkala

  • Highway 25, improvements at Jokelantie interchange in Hyvinkää

  • Highway 25, improvements at Noppo interchange (highway 130) in Hyvinkää

  • Highway 25, Kalevankatu interchange in Hyvinkää

  • Highway 51, repair of road damage at Hamossen in Siuntio

  • Highway 110, depression repair and pedestrian and cycling path between Brobackantie and Kolmperäntie in Espoo

  • Improving highway 115 by constructing a pedestrian and cycling path between Degerbyntie and Sudenkaari in Siuntio

  • Highway 132, pedestrian and cycling path between Loppi and Sajaniemi

  • Highway 17, repair of road damage at Ilolanjoki in Porvoo

  • Highway 1070, pedestrian and cycling path between Sammatti and Myllykylä in Lohja

  • Expanding heavy traffic service areas (highways 3 and 4)

ELY Centre for Southwest Finland

  • Highway 2 in Huittinen

  • Highway 40 (E18), Avanti interchange in Lieto

  • Highway 40 (E18), barrier maintenance and additional barriers between highways 10 and 8 in Turku and Raisio

  • Highway 2440, construction of pedestrian and cycling path between Antinkartano and Viikkala in Ulvila and Nakkila

  • Two or three rest areas for heavy traffic in Southwest Finland and Satakunta

ELY Centre for Pirkanmaa

  • Highway 3, road safety and private road arrangements between Mansoniemi and Riitiala in Ikaalinen

  • Highway 9, intersection and private road arrangements between Nuutajärvi and Urjala

  • Highway 12, changes arising from the Tampere tramway in the district of Santalahti in Tampere

  • Highway 12, improving Teiskontie pedestrian and cycling path between Jaakonmäenkatu and Alasjärvi in Tampere

  • Highway 2501, pedestrian and cycling path between Pihtikorventie and Kuoppalankatu in Nokia

ELY Centre for Southeast Finland

  • Highway 6, improvements between Tykkimäki and Utti in Kouvola

  • Highway 369, improvements between highways 46 and 15 in Kouvola

  • Highways 408 and 409, pedestrian and cycling paths and urban road safety measures in Savitaipale

ELY Centre for North Savo

  • Highway 5, road safety measures between Siilinjärvi and Lapinlahti

  • Highway 9, improvements at Suonenjoki intersection

  • Highway 9, improvements at Noljakka interchange in Joensuu

  • Highway 14, improvements between Tuusmäentie and Kolkonrannantie in Juva and Rantasalmi

  • Highway 23, improvements between Rantala and Lajunlahti in Heinävesi

  • Highways 455 and 15323, intersection arrangements at Joroinen

  • Mt 479, improvements between Punkaharju and Purujärvi

ELY Centre for Central Finland

  • Highway 23, improvements between Piilinjärvi and Petäisjärvi in Keuruu

  • Highway 638, improvements between Leppävesi and Tikkakoski in Jyväskylä and Laukaa

  • Highway 6090, pedestrian and cycling route arrangements between Muurame and Kinkovuori in Muurame and Jyväskylä

ELY Centre for South Ostrobothnia

  • Highway 8, improvements between Tiukka and Metsälä in Kristiinankaupunki

  • Highways 13 and 18047, pedestrian and cycling path for section Varilantie–Tunkkarintie –Vintalantie in Veteli and Kaustinen

  • Highway 673, construction of pedestrian and cycling path between Vikby and Sulva in Mustasaari

  • Highway 724, pedestrian and cycling path at Raippaluoto in Mustasaari

  • Highway 676, Skarpängsvägen, new road connection to the east of Närpiö centre to replace highway 676 running through the centre The old highway section will be converted into a street

ELY Centre for North Ostrobothnia

  • Improvements and underpass at intersection between highways 8 and 27 in Kalajoki

  • Highway 22, pedestrian and cycling path at Meteli intersection in Paltamo

  • Highway 22, improvements at main Vaala intersection

  • Highway 27, pedestrian and cycling path and underpass between Junttikangas and Ojalanperä in Nivala

  • Highways 63 and 7813, pedestrian and cycling path between Sievi and Järvikylä

  • Highway 912, pedestrian and cycling path at Koulukatu intersection in Kuhmo

  • Highway 8460, Jokikylä bridge in Oulu

ELY Centre for Lapland (central government contribution approx. EUR 6.4 million)

  • Highway 29, renovation of Tornio bridge (L-1614)

  • Highways 81 and 863/947, roundabout and pedestrian and cycling paths in Posio

  • Highway 82, improvements at Kalliosalmi bridge in Kemijärvi

Perusväylänpidon maanteiden parannushankkeet kartalla.

Benefits of the investment programme

The investment programme enables industries to increase their transport volumes and, in the long term, growth in production will also boost regional growth. Transports will become more cost-effective, predictable and manageable. Travel times will be reduced and travelling will become more predictable, smoother and safer.

While the direct climate impacts of the investment programme are small, improving transport efficiency and transition from one mode of transport to another will reduce climate emissions in the longer term.

How is the implementation of the investment programme monitored?

Progress of the investment programme is monitored annually. In proposed development projects, the focus is on projects that are included in the Budget as this also means that they will reach the implementation stage. Changes in the feasibility and impact assessment of all projects are monitored, and the monitoring also covers project cost estimates, project evaluations and profitability. Checks are carried out as the project plans become more specific.

Progress in improvement projects is measured against the funding framework for basic transport infrastructure management. Results of the monitoring are used in the yearly update of the investment programme.

How and when is the investment programme updated?

The investment programme is updated each year. The next transport infrastructure investment programme, covering the period 2023–2030, will be finalised in summer 2022. Only the latest investment programme is used as a basis for decision-making and the programme is always updated in accordance with the latest Transport 12 plan.

Each year, one year plus the required funding are added to the investment programme. As part of the annual update, new projects are added to the investment programme, and these may also include projects that can be started immediately. Annual implementation decisions reduce the financial framework of the investment programme for each type of transport route.

How is the potential for CEF funding considered in the investment programme?

According to the draft for CEF 2 period (2021–2027) prepared in the EU, funding focus will be on the core network and the years 2021 to 2024. By that time, potential projects should have reached a stage where they can be promoted for CEF 2 funding. The investment programme projects that are eligible for funding are scheduled for 2023 and 2024. Financial support can also be sought for earlier projects accounting for most of the 2021 and 2022 transport infrastructure budgets provided that they are otherwise eligible (these projects are not listed in the investment programme).