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Role of the State

The Ministry of Transport and Communications, the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom, the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency and ELY Centres participate in regional transport system work and land use planning.

The roles of different actors in a nutshell:

Ministry of Transport and Communications: Responsible for MAL negotiations, transport system work in large urban regions, discussions on the transport system’s districts and steering of the administrative branch.

Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom: Coordinates transport system work, carries out transport system analysis, impact assessment and transport system strategy work. It is also responsible for traffic services and markets, traffic automation and communications networks.

Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency: Is responsible for the state-owned railway network, waterways and road network nationally. Participates in the coordination of traffic and land use.

ELY Centres: Are responsible for regional road maintenance, the functioning of the transport system and the functioning of public transport.

All organisations are responsible for promoting sustainable mobility and road safety.