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Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency


Terhi Haapaniemi

  • +358 29 534 3809

Development and renovation of the Raja-Jooseppi border crossing point

The CBC project for the Raja-Jooseppi border crossing point located in Inari will build a new traffic area and border control building for the crossing point, where the Customs and border checkpoint will move. The project, scheduled to be completed in 2022, is part of the Kolarctic CBC.

Background to the project

The Raja-Jooseppi border control station is in the municipality of Inari, 50 km from the village of Ivalo. The station is in charge of the international border crossing point of Raja-Jooseppi, which is located at the distance of 7 kilometres from the station. The control area assigned to the Raja-Jooseppi border control station covers a 57-kilometre stretch of national border with both land and water areas. The control area comprises 56.5 kilometres of land border and 0.5 kilometres of water border. 

The station began its operations in autumn 1945 in an old guard building. Construction site transport through the border crossing point began in the 1960s. Raja-Jooseppi was awarded the official border crossing point status on 25 January 1967 and the international border crossing point status on 4 September 1989.  In 2019, the Raja-Jooseppi border crossing point recorded 80,800 border crossings


Project costs and funding

The Kolarctic CBC is a cross-border cooperation programme aimed at promoting the attractiveness of the region. The programme is funded by the European Union, Finland, Russia, Sweden and Norway.

The ENI CBC (European Neighbourhood Instrument, Cross Border Cooperation) grant funding agreement relating to the development of the Raja-Jooseppi border crossing point between the EU and FTIA was signed on 1 March 2019. The budget for the development project is EUR 11.45 million, of which the grant covers EUR 10.31 million. The FTIA’s self-financing is allocated from the basic funding for transport infrastructure management.

The project will be implemented within three years of the signing of the funding agreement. 


Objectives of the project

Border control operations at the Raja-Jooseppi border crossing point will be developed by building a new border control station on the western side of the current station. This will improve the working conditions and occupational safety of the border control staff. The introduction of new inspection systems and X-ray scanner will bring more accuracy and reliability to border control. These measures will ensure that the capacity of the border crossing point will be sufficient for the coming years. 

The partners in the project are the FTIA, the ELY Centre for Lapland, Customs, the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority, Senate Properties, the Finnish Border Guard, the Directorate for Development of the St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region Transport System, Transport and the Environment and ITMF Oy.

Progress of project

The grant financing agreement for the development of the Raja-Jooseppi border crossing point was signed in March 2019 between the Kolarctic CBC Managing Authority and the FTIA.

Infrastructure construction by FTIA (constructor GRK Infra Oy) started in June 2020, inspection field will get final asphalt concrete layer in June 2021

House construction started in August 2020 by Senate (constructor Sakela Rakennus Oy) and will be be completed by June 2021.

Kolarctic Cross Border Cooperation 2014-2020 is a European Union programme for funding cooperation across the external borders of the Union.