Updated June 7, 2021.

We have compiled on this page the material of the Hailuoto  Causeway alliance project. This page will be updated as the project progresses.

Preliminary tender requirements and criterion can be downloaded from this link: tender content requirements and criterion, added 7.6.2021

An online market info session for service providers was held in March 24th. The materials of the event are available in Finnish here: Market info session March 24th 2021.

Road plan, its supplemental plan, and legally valid approval of road plan (only in Finnish).

Water permit application and its processing by the Finnish Regional State Administrative Agency (only in Finnish): vesilupahakemus.

Link for the water permit application (in English)

Decisions on derogations pursuant to the Nature Conservation Act for Directive species (Baltic water-plantain, black-headed gull and common tern) have been received (only in Finnish): Poikkeusluvat.

Materials preceding the drafting of road plan and water permit application can be found on the Hailuoto transport connection and wind power development interaction portal (in Finnish).

Additional ground surveys conducted after the road design phase.

Information related to the environmental matters of the project. 

General information about the Hailuoto Causeway Alliance Project (In Finnish).

Should any questions arise or problems occur while exploring the materials, please contact:

Terhi Honkarinta
tel. +358 29 534 3754
Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency
+358 40 5248 690