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3 tips for cycling in winter

Published 11.2.2021

If you have put your bicycle away to wait for the spring, it would be a good idea to get it serviced for the driving season right now. In the following, three tips for cycling in winter from our experts Jarkko Pirinen and Mika Terhelä:

Piirroskuva, jossa kaksi miestä ajaa polkupyörällä talvella: toinen uimapuvussa, toinen kunnollisissa talvivaatteissa.

1) The attitude counts

Nothing happens without motivation. Many of us have never really tried cycling in the winter, because they believe that it would not work.

“In other words, you should not give up before you have at least tried,” says Jarkko Pirinen, Specialist, Road Maintenance at the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency. 

2) It matters what you wear

“You can ride your bicycle even wearing a swimsuit,” says Mika Terhelä, Specialist, Road Maintenance Procurement at the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency, and continues: “but it does make cycling much more comfortable if you're wearing a helmet and winter clothing that cuts the road draught and keeps you warm.”

3) Getting the bike ready for winter

Studded tyres significantly enhance the safety of cycling. Invest in studded tyres and be amazed at how easy and safe winter cycling can feel. You should take care of the regular maintenance of your bicycle in other respects as well to make pedalling as nice and easy as possible. According to the new Road Traffic Act, which entered into force in summer 2020, you must have lights in front and at the back when riding your bike at dusk or when it is dark: bright light in front and red at the back. 

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