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Digiroad publication 1/2024 is now available

Published 30.5.2024

Digiroad publication 3/2022 is now available

The Digiroad Publication 1/2024 includes road link geometry obtained from the National Land Survey on 1.11.2023.

  • Two construction projects opened to traffic at the end of 2023 have been converted into use by the road network: Highway 4 Hartola–Oravakivensalmi and Highway 5 Hurus–Hietanen. 
  • Regarding the highway network, the information on the data objects corresponds to the situation in February 2022 with regard to the following data types: Mass, height and width restrictions, lighted road, paved road, road width and pedestrian crossings. During 2024, the goal is to implement the integration into the Highways Agency's Tievelho, after which the road data types will be updated
  • Regarding the street network, the information of the data types corresponds to the situation in May 2024. Traffic signs supplied or maintained by the municipalities have been utilized in the maintenance of street network information for approximately 70 municipalities.
  • Regarding the private road network, the traffic restriction information corresponds to the situation in May 2024, for those municipal private roads that have applied for the municipality's or ELY center's private road subsidy. 
  • The speed limits has been updated on the roads to reflect the April 2024 situation of the Väylävirasto and the street network has been updated for the municipalities of Espoo, Vantaa, Tampere, Pori, Seinäjoki, Porvoo, Kotka, Rauma, Kaarina and Kemi to reflect the autumn 2023 situation. In addition, for approximately 70 municipalities, the speed limits have been updated to match the traffic signs provided or maintained by the municipality.
  • Note. In the publication, the data type of several data types has changed from INTEGER or FLOAT format to TEXT format. The change will be restored in future publications.


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Release notes and more detailed information on the new release are available here.

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