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Digiroad publication 3/2022 is now available

Published 12.8.2022

Digiroad publication 3/2022

The Digiroad Publication 3/2022 includes road link geometry obtained from the National Land Survey on 15.05.2022.

  • For the road network, the data types correspond to the situation in February 2022 for the following data types: mass, height and width restrictions, lit road, paved road, width and pedestrian crossing. Road speed limit signs correspond to the situation in March 2022
  • For the street network, the data types correspond to the situation in June 2022. Digiroad switches to using road links from the national terrain database: The road link identifier changes and there is a temporary break in the road network geometry update

Note! Due to an error in the publication, several data types “INTEGER” and
“FLOAT” have changed to “TEXT”. Error will be patched in the future publications


Read more on the data publication

Release notes and more detailed information on the new release are available at the Digiroad website, Digiroad publications

Next publication

The next Digiroad release will be available at sebtember 2022.

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