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Contact information

Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency

Project manager

Terhi Honkarinta

  • 029 534 3754

Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency

Project manager

Jukka Päkkilä

  • 029 534 3755


Railway project Ongoing Lapland

Laurila–Tornio–Haparanda is part of the proposed extension to the TEN-T core network corridor.

Torneo River railway bridge
  • Railway planning phase 2020−2023
  • Construction planning phase 2022−2023
  • Implementation 2023–2024

Basic information of the project

Costs €37 million*
Responsible parties
Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency, National Emergency Supply Agency, Tornio, Keminmaa, Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket)
  • improving the cost-effectiveness of rail transport and the competitiveness of industry
  • enabling the launch of passenger train traffic between Finland and Sweden (Tornio–Haparanda)
  • improving safety of level crossings

*The cost estimate is divided into Finland’s (approx. €30 million) and Sweden’s (approx. €7 million) share of the costs.

Background to the project

The Tornio and Haparanda area is a hub for international transport corridors and part of the extension of the TEN-T core network corridor around Bothnian Arc. Several Northern Finland’s and Sweden’s major international transport corridors run through the area, linking the Barents Region to the Central European transport corridor and further to the Far East. This route through Sweden is one alternative for Finnish foreign trade transports. The possible opening up of passenger traffic across the border would expand commuting areas in the Bothnian Bay region.

Scope of the project

The project includes the electrification of the Laurila–Tornio–Haparanda line section, improvement of the safety of level crossings, expansions to truss bridges as required by electrification (Torne River railway bridge and Raumonjoki) and alterations to the Tornio railway yard, such as a new passenger platform.

From Laurila onwards, there are approximately 22 kilometres of track to be electrified up to the Swedish border. On the Swedish side, there is approximately 1 km of track to be electrified.

a map about Laurila-Tornio-Haparanda

Project schedule

Railway plans:

  • Railway plans approved 
  • Laurila–Tornio east approved in February 2023
  • Tornio east–National border approved in April 2023.

Construction planning:

  • Construction planning in progress, including construction planning for the Haparanda railway yard


  • Completed in 2023:
    • Construction work for the expansion of the Raumonjoki railway bridge
    • Construction work for new underpasses at Rajakankaantie in Keminmaa and at Yli-Raumo in Tornio
    • Removal of level crossings and the construction of replacement road connections on the line section between Laurila and Tornio
  • Beginning in 2023: 
    • Construction for the electrification of the Laurila–Tornio–Haparanda railway line began in May 2023
    • Alterations to the Tornio railway yard
  • Beginning in 2024:
    • Expansion of the Torne River railway bridge
    • Haparanda railway yard construction work 

Project costs

The total cost estimate for the project is €37 million. The costs are divided into Finland’s (approx. €30 million) and Sweden’s (approx. €7 million) share of the costs.

The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency’s share of Finland’s cost estimate is €18 million, the National Emergency Supply Agency’s is €10 million and the municipalities’ (Tornio and Keminmaa) is approximately €2 million.