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We are improving conditions for border traffic in Northern Finland

Published 23.10.2020

Border traffic in Northern Finland will be improved through renovation projects for roads and border crossing points in Finland, Russia and Norway. These renovation projects will benefit the residents, tourists and other businesses in the region.

Karttakuva Raja-Joosepin rajanylityspaikan kehittämishankkeeseen liittyen. Tieyhteydet Kaamanen–Kirkenes ja Raja-Jooseppi–Murmansk kartalla.

The renovation projects are part of the Kolarctic CBC ENI 2014–2020 programme. Kolarctic CBC is a cross-border cooperation programme aimed at increasing the attractiveness of the region, and it receives funding from the European Union, Finland, Russia, Sweden and Norway.

Measures to ensure sufficient capacity at Raja-Jooseppi

A new border inspection terminal will be constructed at the Raja-Jooseppi border crossing point in Inari.  The working conditions and occupational safety of inspection personnel will be improved. The accuracy and certainty of border checks will be enhanced through the introduction of new inspection systems and fluoroscope equipment. The budget for the development project is EUR 11.45 million, of which the European Union is providing EUR 10.31 million.

Road renovation increases safety

Main Road 92 will be renovated on both the Finnish and Norwegian sides. Next summer, the section on the Finnish side between Suprus and Lake Sevettijärvi will be improved, making the road safer and more comfortable to drive. On the Norwegian side, the section from Näätämö to the Finnish border will be improved. The total budget for the project is EUR 5 million.

The route between Ivalo and Murmansk will also be upgraded using a budget allocation of EUR 4.5 million. Railings will be added to the road to improve safety and the most badly eroded parts of the road will be repaired. The road is the shortest route to Finland from the Port of Murmansk.

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