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The design for a next generation icebreaker, jointly procured by the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency and the Swedish Maritime Administration, is ready

Published 11.4.2022

The next generation of icebreakers are able to clear a channel as wide as 32 metres. They are also designed to use fossil-free fuels to reduce emissions.

The hull is strengthened to Polar Class (PC) 4 with additional strengthening according to the vessel’s operational profile and scenarios.
The icebreaker has an integrated diesel-electric hybrid power plant and propulsion
The power plant consists of four medium-speed main diesel generators and one
auxiliary diesel generator capable of operating with alternative fuels such as
hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO), liquified biogas (LBG). The
total output of the power plant is approximately 30 megawatts.
The propulsion system consists of three electric azimuthing propulsion units: two
in the stern and one in the bow. The total propulsion power is approximately 21 to
22 megawatts.
The overall operational endurance of the icebreaker is 28 days.

This jointly procured design project was a continuation of extensive and close icebreaker cooperation between Finland and Sweden. In the process to design the new generation of icebreakers, the emphasis was on finding solutions to maintain the service level as the operating environment changes. The size of merchant vessels entering Finnish and Swedish ports is increasing, and increasing environmental requirements gradually reduce the engine power of the vessels. The increase in the size of the vessels that need assistance and the weakening of their abilities to handle ice-covered waters make it difficult for vessels to pass through ice masses in challenging ice conditions in the Baltic Sea, which increases the need for assistance.

The icebreaker concept was designed by Aker Arctic Technology Oy. The value of the design project was approximately EUR 3.7 million. Neither Finland nor Sweden have made a decision on building new icebreakers yet.


Juuso Kummala, Division Director, Infrastructure Access and Information tel. +358 29 534 3548