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Open infrastructure data in good use

Published 16.12.2021

The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency publishes nearly 300 geographic data sets in the form of open data. The sets cover all types of routes (road, waterways, railways), the related properties, structures, projects, as well as their condition and maintenance.

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The open infrastructure data is used in various ways by different instances in society. The report on the utilisation of open infrastructure data prepared at the beginning of the year has provided a lot of valuable information on the amount and purposes of using the route information.

Companies are the largest user group that stands out from the rest. The business of many companies is based on open infrastructure data that is used in a variety of applications. Other distinct user groups are central government agencies and institutions, individuals and representatives of regional and local administration.

The majority of respondents find the route information to be very useful. It is used especially in research and development, to support management and decision-making, in transport system operations, asset management, and the maintenance of the transport network.

Read more in the report on the utilisation of open infrastructure data.This is an external link
During 2021, 25 new geographical data sets were added to the open data of the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency. These included data concerning railway safety equipment and electrical railway information, as well as rail-related condition and maintenance information. In total, approximately 100 million inquiries have been made to open data interfaces during the year. During the year, the most popular search topics were road pavement, winter maintenance category, private roads, speed limits and the locations of waterways.

Check out the open data of the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency:

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The open distribution of LAM data will be transferred to Fintraffic in January 2022

The distribution of open data for automatic traffic measurement data (LAM) will be transferred to the traffic control company Fintraffic in January. Data will still be distributed to users both in raw format and as precompiled reports including historical data through Fintraffic's Digitraffic service.

More detailed information on the time and address of the new service will be communicated in the near future on the open data website.