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Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency's investment programme for 2023-2030 has been published

Published 16.6.2022 12.35

The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency has published its proposal for the investment programme of new rail, road, and waterway projects for 2023-2030. The objectives and financial frameworks of the Transport network investment programme come from the National Transport System Plan (Transport 12).

The investment programme includes development projects, as well as improvement projects and project packages of various sizes. The investment programme is the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency's view of the investments to be implemented in the next few years. The decision on the possible launching of the projects is made by the Parliament.
The investment programme projects must promote the accessibility of Finland as a whole, as well as the sustainability and efficiency of different modes of transport. In addition, the projects must be socially efficient. All of the mentioned objectives also aim to mitigate climate change and improve traffic safety.


The implementation of the investment programme is monitored and updated annually. The next Transport network investment programme will be published in spring 2023.

How is funding allocated?

The financial framework of the investment programme, in the Transport 12 plan for 2023-2030, is EUR 3.4 billion in total. A majority of the funding, or 2.7 billion, will be allocated to transport network development projects. Approximately EUR 727 million has been reserved for projects to improve basic transport infrastructure management.

For the development projects, the majority of the funding, or approximately EUR 1.5 billion, has been allocated to railway network projects. Approximately EUR 1.1 billion has been allocated to road network development investments, and EUR 83 million to waterway projects.

"Development projects are used to raise the service level of journeys and transport, while small improvement projects are used to improve traffic safety," says Pekka Rajala, Division Director of Transport Network Planning from the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency.

The programme also includes proposals on projects funded with EU support or jointly with urban regions and the business community. The investment programme does not include transport infrastructure projects that are already under way and have received funding, or projects lacking executive or planning capacity. Planning projects for Suomirata, Turku One Hour Train, and Itärata are also not included in the investment programme, as separate project companies have been set up for them.

Interaction in a key role

Interaction and cooperation have played a major role in the preparation of the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency's investment programme. Preparation has been implemented extensively, for example, together with the regional ELY Centres, and four open-to-all discussion events with similar content, regarding the preparation of the new programme, were organised in March.

In addition, approximately 250 statements on the investment programme draft were received during the spring. Two thirds of the statements were from municipalities, and all statements were discussed in the finalisation of the investment programme.

"Interaction with stakeholders and regional actors is an important part of the development of the investment programme, even though not all the wishes expressed in the statements can be realised. Ultimately, the objectives and financial conditions of the Transport 12 programme will dictate which projects fit into the investment programme", says Rajala.

The preparation of the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency's next investment programme for 2024-2031 will begin during the autumn.

More information:

Pekka Rajala
Division Director, Transport Network Planning
tfn. 029 534 3626
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