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Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency's annually updated investment programme for 2022-2029 published

Published 26.1.2022 10.00

The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency has published its proposal on the implementation of new rail, road and waterway projects for 2022-2029. The FTIA network investment programme will contribute to the implementation of the national transport system plan (Transport 12 plan). The investment programme is updated each year.

The investment program includes development projects, major renovation projects and project packages, as well as smaller projects to improve basic transport infrastructure. The programme also includes proposals on projects funded with EU support or jointly with urban regions or the business community. The investment programme does not include existing transport infrastructure projects or projects whose funding has been decided.
"The objectives and financial framework of the investment programme come from the Transport 12 plan", says Kari Wihlman, Director-General of the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency.


"The investment programme projects must promote the accessibility of Finland as a whole and the sustainability and efficiency of different modes of transport. In addition, the projects must be socially efficient. All these objectives also aim to mitigate climate change and take account of improving road safety", Wihlman adds.

How is the funding of the investment programme divided into different routes?

The financial framework of the eight-year investment programme is in the Transport 12 plan for 2022-2029 slightly over EUR 3 billion. In the programme, the amount is divided as follows:

  • Development projects, approx. EUR 2,3 billion.
  • Improvement projects for basic infrastructure maintenance, approx. EUR 800 million.
  • During the period 2022-2029, a total of EUR 500 million of state funding can be agreed for seven MAL urban regions. Part of this funding is directed at the state transport network, and the projects are agreed on in separately negotiated agreements between the state and municipalities.

In development projects, most of the money, EUR 1,26 billion, is going to the infrastructure projects according to the Transport 12 plan. EUR 977 million has been allocated to road network projects and EUR 82 million to waterway projects.

Large benefits to transport from the investment programme

The investment programme affects the types of transport infrastructure that Finns will use in the future. For example, the conditions for business transport will improve on roads, railways and waterways. The cost-effectiveness and predictability of transport will take a leap forward.

"Travel times for passengers will also be shorter, traffic will become smoother and safer. In addition, the programme promotes the selection of sustainable modes of transport", says Pekka Rajala, Division Director at the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency.

While the direct climate impacts of the investment programme are relatively small, improving transport efficiency and possible transitions from one mode of transport to another will reduce climate emissions in the longer term.

Extensive cooperation was carried out in the preparation of the investment programme

In the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency's investment programme, interaction has played a major role. During the preparation process, the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency has discussed with stakeholders and regional actors. In addition, the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency received statements on the investment programme in autumn 2021. More than 260 statements were received.

"I thank all the authors of the statements for their feedback and suggestions", says Director-General Wihlman of the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency.

Municipalities gave more than half of the statements received. Statements were also issued by companies, associations and communities. All statements were discussed in the finalisation of the investment programme. Preparations were made together with regional ELY Centres.

Among other things, the statements proposed adding new projects to the investment programme. However, it is not possible to fulfil all the wishes of the statements.

"Unfortunately, a lot of good and necessary projects remain outside the investment programme. There are development needs of over EUR 10 billion, but only a fraction of this money is available", Wihlman says.

The objectives and economic conditions of the Transport 12 programme dictate which projects will eventually fit into the investment programme. The investment programme is the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency's view of investments and it is updated annually. The decision on the possible launching of the projects is made by the Parliament.

Preparations for the 2023-30 investment programme have already been launched by the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency and will be worked on during spring 2022.

Further information

Pekka Rajala
Division Director, Transport network planning
Tel. +358 (0)29 534 3626
[email protected]

Investment programme website

Investment programme (pdf, in Finnish)

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