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Hailuoto Causeway: New implementation model for Hailuoto Causeway

Published 14.12.2020 13.29


The Parliament of Finland has decided that the Hailuoto causeway will not be implemented as a Private-Public Partnership project but instead it will be done as a budget-based project.

 “Project preparation will continue under the alliance model, which is based on a partnership where the various parties form a joint project organisation. Risks and benefits are to be divided between the parties in predetermined proportions,” says Director Lars Westermark from the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency.

The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency began preparing the project as a Private-Public Partnership (PPP) project in 2018, but it proved impossible to put the project to competitive tender because a complaint against its water permit was filed with the Vaasa Administrative Court in March 2020. The complaint against the water permit decision is still in process in Administrative Court.

Hailuoto Causeway

The plan is to build a causeway between Riutunkari in Oulu and Huikku on Hailuoto Island. The Causeway will replace the current ferry service. The causeway will be approximately 8.4 km long, and it will consist of a road running on top of an embankment and long bridges at Huikku and Riutunkari.
The causeway will make Hailuoto more easily accessible nationally and regionally, enable better passenger and goods transport links to the island and local businesses, and widen the area where Hailuoto residents can engage in work.

Further information

Director Lars Westermark
tel. +358 29 534 3838, [email protected]

Project Manager Terhi Honkarinta
tel. +358 29 534 3754, [email protected]

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