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Digiroad publication 1/2021 is now available!

Published 5.2.2021

Newest Digiroad publication is available!


The Digiroad Publication 1/2021 includes road link geometry obtained from the National Land Survey Topographic Database in January 27th 2021.

  • The road network includes construction projects taken into service at the end of 2020, such as the bypass lanes between Kuivaniemi – Simo and Viantienjoki – Maksniemi for the Valtatie 4 Oulu-Kemi improvement project and the improvement between Kello-Räinänperä.
  • The road network has taken into account the merger of the city of Kankaanpää and the municipality of Honkajoki
  • Concerning data objects of the road network: the data parallels the situation as it was in August 2020.
  • Lane data: parallels the situation as it was in January 2021.
  • In the description of the data document, the term walking and cycling lane has been used instead of light traffic lane.
  • The Description of data document has been updated with the description of the traffic sign.
  • The detachment areas have been updated when Kuhmoinen has moved to Pirkanmaa province and Iitti has moved to Päijät-Häme province. Removal Areas_and_Counties.xlsx (Irrotusalueet_ja_kunnat.xlsx) file has been updated
  • NOTE: The Width data type is omitted from this publication due to technical barriers


Read more on the data publication
Release notes and more detailed information on the new release are available at the Digiroad website 

Next publication
The next Digiroad release will be available in the march 2021.

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