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Katri Kallio


Sustainability Report 2016

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Smart and sustainable transport in Finland

We weigh our expertise in the choices and decisions we make together in the best interests of society.

The Finnish Transport Agency’s task is to offer everyone in the community a modern transport infrastructure that promotes growth and wellbeing by enabling sustainable travel and transport. With the aid of advancements in both technology and knowledge, the Finnish Transport Agency is seeking to create a transport network that supports the development of traffic services.

The world is changing. In a changing operating environment, the Finnish Transport Agency wants to proactively build the future and boldly renew its old operating methods. We are seeking to further increase regular dialogue with stakeholder groups – particularly customers – in order to develop our operations in accordance with their requirements.   

This sustainability report includes a summary of the key sustainability measures implemented by the agency during 2016. The report complies with international GRI (G4) guidelines (Core Level).

The Finnish Transport Agency shoulders considerable responsibility for the State’s road, rail and waterway networks, and their development. Decisions made today will keep Finland in motion tomorrow – and in a hundred years’ time.

Sustainability themes

  • Customer orientation

  • Contributing to and supporting to societal growth

  • More sustainable mobility, transport and infrastructure management

  • Safety first

  • Responsible procurement and financial administration

  • Personnel as an asset