Load the themed seminar program here. (pdf) There will be a themed seminar in English on Wednesday at "Duetto 2". Changes are possible. (updated 20 January 2020)


Tuesday 21 January

9.00 Registration, coffee ja exhibition
10.00 Welcoming seminar 
12.00 Lunch, exhibition
13.30 Themed seminars
14.50 Coffee, exhibition
15.40 Themed seminars
16.20 The end of themed seminar in "Iso Sali" 
17.00 The end of other themed seminars
18.30 Evening ceremony organized by consulting companies, exhibition
22.00 The end of evening ceremony

Wednesday 22 January

8.00 Registration, coffee ja exhibition
9.00 Themed seminars
10.20 Coffee, exhibition
10.50 Themed seminars
12.10 Lunch, exhibition
13.10 Themed seminars
14.30 The end of the seminar

Changes are possible.

Technical visits

The seminar fee includes the opportunity to participate in technical visits to the Tampere tram depot and the Tampere station area development project. There will be a bus service from Tampere-talo to the tram depot. Participants of the tram depot visit must wear their own safety shoes, safety vest, safety goggles and helmet.

Register to the technical visits when registering to the seminar. The number of participants is limited.

Evening ceremony

The evening ceremony at the end of the first seminar day is organized by consulting companies. It is open to all registered seminar guests.

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